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Published: 19 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I ordered a catalytic converter from Auto Parts Giant on 12/7/2006 for my 1996 Camry. I received notification it was shipped on 12/19/2006. I received the part 12/27/2006, shipped from NY to Maine. I received the catalytic converter minus three other parts I ordered. I called Customer Service on 12/28/2006 and told them of the error. They told me I would have to write an email to Customer Service. I sent the following email to Customer Service on the same day, 12/28/2006: I ordered a catalytic converter for a Toyota Camry 2.2L engine 4 cylinder (1992 1996) OK for California. The part number listed on the invoice is 5545107. The part number on the part I received matches the number on the invoice. However, it does not match the part on the vehicle. The catalytic converter I need attaches directly to the exhaust manifold and the exhaust pipe and is a single converter. The part I received contains the exhaust pipe and a double converter design. The part I need contains a flange for receiving an oxygen sensor as well as a flange for a bolt to connect to a support in the engine compartment. The part sent accommodates neither. I would like to return the wrong part and receive the correct one. I also have not received the rest of my order. This consists of a Bosch, PN 12109 Oxygen sensor; a Corteco 13115-1 Gaskets, Exhaust flange/exhaust donut; and Corteco 13165-1 gaskets, exhaust flange/exhaust donut. If you cant accommodate my request for the correct part, I would like to return all parts for a refund. I do not feel I should be responsible for a 20% restock fee, as I entered all information requested on your website for the correct part. Thank you for your consideration, Ken Maley [email protected] I received an email reply 1/2/2007, informing me that I would have to call Customer Service to resolve the issue. I called and spoke with Ron (who sent the reply) and gave him the information over again. I hung up at approximately 12:15 EST., after Ron told me he would call me back in ten minutes. I called Ron back at 2:15, and he told me his vendor hadnt called him back yet. Ron asked me to hold while he called her back. Ron then came back on the line and said he couldnt call because he couldnt get an outside line and he would call me back. Ron called back at 2:35 to let me know they were having trouble locating the part and he would call me back as soon as he had new information. I called Ron at 5:00 Friday, 1/05/07. Ron had the day off and would not return until Monday, 12/08/07. I received the rest of the parts I ordered. I called Ron at 5:00 Monday and he told me his east coast suppliers were now closed and that I should call him back on Tuesday around 8:30 his time. I called Ron at 11:30 (8:30 his time) and was told that Ron wasnt expected until 9:30. I called Ron again at 12:30 my time, and was told that Ron had a family emergency and wouldnt be in until noon time. I called Ron at 3:00 P.M. (12:00 his time) and was informed he wasnt available as he was in the warehouse. I left a message for him to call me back. I called Ron at 4:00 (1:00 his time) and was informed that Ron had left and wouldn’t return until tomorrow. I called Ron at 11:15 on 1/10/07 and was told he hadn’t come in yet. The responder offered to help me, so I gave him the information and he said he would call me back. I called back at 2:45 + (11:45 their time) and was informed that only Ron could help me, but he was in the warehouse, and if I would just call back in an hour, he would give me a ‘return good’ number. I called Ron at 3:50. Ron informed me he was unable to talk to Susan and get an RMA number. Ron suggested I call Susan myself, which I agreed to do. The number was for the Exhaust Warehouse in New York, 1-800-965-0040. I called Susan, and she informed me she needed a 4 digit order number from Ron. I called Ron, and explained. Ron asked me to call him back in two minutes. I called Ron at 4:00. Ron gave me a 4 digit RMA number which is the same as his order number, 9739(He had spoken with Susan). I sent the parts back to the vendor via UPS on 1/11/07 tracking number 1z 648 74T 03 9541 914 2 and it was received by Dean on 01/15/07. After hearing nothing from the Auto Parts store on 01/23/07 and no credit made to my Visa account, I called them. They told me they were going to submit it and it would take one billing cycle for it to show up. I called again on 2/21/07 because the credit didn’t show up on my statement. I was told that it was already taken care of. I asked what date was it taken care of and he wasn’t able to provide one. I protested that as far as I was concerned, it was not taken care of. He said hed investigate with the credit department. I asked if I could speak with the credit department, and was told no, he’d call them. I called again on 2/22/07. They said the credit was issued 2/12/07. I called Bank of America on 2/22/07 and they confirmed the credit had not been received. I spoke with Penny to file a claim. She said she would send me an affidavit to fill out and return, but suggested I wait another week or two to see if the credit shows up. If it doesn’t show up, then file the claim. She said the merchant has 30 days after submitting the credit for it to show up. She said they would send the merchant a letter of inquiry. I called Bank of America on 3/15/07 and spoke with Elizabeth. She promised I would receive a credit by the end of the day for $201.27. She will send the paperwork for me to fill out, which I must return, or the credit plus fees will be forfeited. She also gave me a claim number 1165615MAR07. I received a letter in the mail from Bank of America Dispute Resolution services thanking me for my inquiry. I did not receive an application form or affidavit to fill out. On 3/26/07, I called BOA and asked if I should have received additional paperwork. I spoke with Sean Leonard, and he said no, they required no further information from me and they were dealing with the company to recover the funds. (My checking account did show the credit promised.) I received a temporary credit from Bank of America which was changed into a permanent credit. Lessons learned, don’t do business with Auto Parts Giant and your credit card company can resolve issues when you are unable to do so. Ken Arrowsic, MaineU.S.A.

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