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Published: 04 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I turned my vehicle over to Autoplacers (formerly known as Transportation Exchange) five years ago. If you search The Transportation Exchange on Ripoff Scams you will find lots of similar complaints to my situation. I believe the owner, Jodie Goodnight, might have actually had to relocate and change her company name to Autoplacers due to how many people she has ripped off. Jodie is the owner of the company and the person I dealt with during this time. Her company is a payment guarantee company that places vehicles w/ customers as permissive user of the vehicle. The “user” makes the payments each month to the owner of the car. In the contract with Autoplacers (Trans. Exhchange) that I signed, if the user defaults on payments, TE is either supposed to remedy the default on payment or repossess the car. My first complaint against Autoplacers is that they have failed to reimburse me on payments the user missed. The user filed for bankruptcy in Sept. Therefore, they were protected in bankruptcy court from me making contact to collect payment. Since the contract I signed w/ Autoplacers (TE) states that in the event the user defaults on their payments and TE cannot remedy the default, TE is supposed to reimburse me for my payments. Autoplacers has failed to follow through with our signed contract. My second complaint against Autoplacers is once I managed to set arrangements for Autoplacers to reposess the vehicle, Jodie Goodnight said she would reposess the vehicle and did not reposess the vehicle. I had to hire a bankruptcy lawyer out of my pocket to get my vehicle back. I talked to Jodie on the phone several times. Each time she told me as soon as she had something in writing from my lawyer, she would reposess the car. On December 23, my lawyer contacted the “users” lawyer and they set arrangements for the vehicle to be left for reposession. I have the letter my lawyer wrote to Jodie, telling her it was aceptable to get the car. I faxed her this document the same day and discussed this on the phone with her. The vehicle was to be left at the Wal-Mart parking lot after 5pm on December 31 in Henderson TX where Jodi could then retrieve it. Mind you, Jodie is located in Henderson. Getting the vehicle back did not require anything on her part! On Monday January 4, I called Jodi. She first told me the vehicle had been retrievd and was in her office parking lot and that she would call me back. When I called later that afternoon she said her repo guy was on his way to go get the car. When my husband followed up with her at 4 pm the same day, she hung up on him. Needless to say, she lied to us the entire time and never took steps to retrieve our vehicle. By this time, I was so concerned about the vehicle being stolen or broken in to, my husband and I were foreced to drive four hours to Henderson, TX to retrieve the vehicle. We arrived at 11 PM and I had to pay a wrecker service to pop the lock on the car. We then had to drive the car back to our home four hours away. This woman took my vehicle five years ago after we signed a contract. As the owner of this company and according to the contract I signed, she was responsible for the security of my property. Not only did she not follow through with what was required, she lied to me continually, broke her contract, and acted completely unprofessionally. I shudder to think what would have happened had the car been vandalize, stolen etc. since it is in my name. During my experience with Autoplacers, the first person to have my vehicle is actually Jodie’s son, Justin Armstrong. This guy was late on all his payments until they finally took the car away from him. When I tried to contact him(since he is a rep for the company) in order to get my payments, he used the F word and told me to leave him alone. With another person who had my car, ( TE) Jodie called me one time out of the blue and told me the guy she had placed my vehicle with had sublet my vehicle to someone else and that he had another vehicle (A Lexus) and she didnt even know where that vehicle was and she had already called the police. She makes the company sound completely fool proof and I signed the contract because it seemed solid. However, Jodie Goodnight will never make a payment to you or do anything for you if its out of her pocket. In other words, if the user misses payments, you wont see a dime from Autoplacers. Also, my car was a lease and she did nothing to regulate milage and I’m screwed on that too!!!! She WILL NOT DO ANYTHING she says she would. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with These people. Its not worth it! I hope by filing this complaint, other people do not get involved with this woman and her business. I want to try an save anyone I can from the hell this company has put me through!!!!!

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