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Published: 24 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Let me first start by saying, this place has been a nightmare for me. A combination of first bad customer service, a blatant lack of communication, no regard for the customers feelings or pockets, and just plain excuses excuses EXCUSES!! I purchased my pontiac as a ‘graduation’ gift to myself, and later found that there was a fuel pump issue. I took it a hell named “Auto Point’ at 5801 BelAir Rd. where the managers are Sonny and Ralph I believe, for what was a NEVER ending bad dream. The car was taken sometime in August, and It is now October and I still have yet to get my car back. It all began with a hard start and the Fuel pump, which was priced at 400 dollars for the 3+ hour job. I was told that my car would be finished by a certain date and time, and when I returned to pick it up, she was still up on the harness, not touched. This was my first omen. I returned to pick it up again, and it still was not finished. 2 weeks have passed. Finally I return for a third time and the car is supposedly ready. Now when I delivered the car, I made sure there was 15 dollars worth of gas, but when I came to pick it, The gas gage was not working properly , so I could not see how much gas I had (mistake #1) I was told that it was because I didnt have any gas and should put some in, thats why it took so long to get it cranked. Okay. I go to the gas station, and I hear a wierd knocking sound coming from where the gas tank is. My friend says to take it back. I do and they look at me like I am crazy until I let the mechanic drive it around the block and he realizes oops! the tire duster is improperly placed, and is creating the horrid sound (mistake #2) . So I take the car back and he fixes that. So as I am sitting there with the car running, the mechanic is talking to my friend about his car and here comes (mistake #3) Mty car starts to OVERHEAT..Now I just had a tune up switched spark plugs, oil changes the works, so I cannot for the life of me figure out why my car is smoking. They tell me that it is because of oil from the work, but I am pissed off. Leave the keys, and am led astray. I waited a week, 2 weeks, for what seemed like forever to hear that the manager sonny still was out of the building for every reason in the book. Sickness, out of town, you name it. So I go back to get my car, and the gas gage still DOES NOT WORK, and this time..the car has an even HARDER start. Now I dont need to know too much about cars to understand that these guys did something wrong. I leave, and come back and I get the car to start and try to take it home. But doesnt look good because, apparently my alarm system is ‘faulty’ and that is the reason for all of my troubles they say. So much so that as I try to turn the corner on my way home, my car totally shuts off and will not cut back on, and I am stuck with an 80 dollar tow bill. and unfortunately 2 more weeks of the constant nightmare! So thats 480 lost since they wouldnt refund my money til the car was fixed! go figure! I called and they were supposed to have my car towed back to the shop, and of course no one called. So when I was forced to move my car, I had to fight tooth and nail to get them to tow it for free seeing as how they clearly did not finish the job. Now they told me my car would be finished in a few days, and a gave them a grace day to call me, and whoop! NO CALL! I had to physically go up there to see that my car was still untouched and more excuses were spat at me. I felt so disrespected, that I am being strung along after they have already taken my 400 dollars. the managers promised me that my car would be done in a few hours and this and that and no word back. I have to constantly call to figure out what is going on, and because I am a commuting college student who works this is very hard and expensive situation. I felt like the managers didnt care about the welfare of their paying customers and I am upset that I have seen more terible reviews about this place after the fact. I cannot for the life of me figure out how they are still in business. I cannot afford a lawyer to sue for the extra damages and not to mention costs they are causing since I have to pay extra insurance for a car I cannot drive and another that needed to be sold. I lost sales, time, and frankly all respect for auto repair shops in baltimore. I hope someone sees this report and thinks twice about doing business with these bubble gum mechanics, these guys will mess your car up even more if you take it there. so please, take it from a broke college kid, Keep your money and dont be led into the darkness of the NIGHTMARE at 5801 BELAIR RD!!!!

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