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Published: 25 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On June 4th 2018 I fully purchased a 2009 Honda Pilot from Auto Prime dba Golden Motors located at 1760 Long beach blvd in the city of Long Beach. After full inspection of vehicle and test drive I agreed to fully purchase the vehicle. Hamidreza Rezaei asked me to bring a check of $10,100 to fully purchase the vehicle after paying $500 for what he considered “registration” and $94 for “sales contract fee”. | He falsified sales receipt stating that he would not make any money from full sale of vehicle due to high taxes and asked if I can instead provide him with a cashier’s check written to his business partner Leila Sayyadi and the remainder in cash. I told him that he needs to provide some form of collateral for the transaction to continue due to the nature of the paperwork he recommened. I didn’t think twice about it because Leila Sayyadi’s name is on the DBA documents. | He himself stated that he was the owner of the vehicle and provided what I later came to realize was a counterfeit PDF doucment on his desktop computer with the “title” of the Honda Pilot that he filled in the blanks which put me in a comfort zone to exchange cash and cashiers check with him. He stated that he had access to the DMV database and that I would be recieveing title, plates, and registration for vehicle within two weeks in which he printed temporary registration. | Afterwards, Hamidreza Rezaei asked if I could get a smog test on the vehicle before driving it off the lot at a location that was located diagonally across the street. Due to the overwhelming crowdedness of the smog station that was recommended I drove the vehicle to a smog station closer to home. Hamidreza stated that the vehicle is unable to pass smog because I had to activate emissions on the vehicle by driving it on the freeway for 65 mph. | After performing multiple drive tests and failed smog tests I decided to contact Hamidreza for a refund or vehicle exchange. He stated that Leila Sayyadi “ran off” with all the money and titles to his business and that he could not provide a refund. He said he’d give me another vehicle only if I lied on a police report stating that Leila refuses to submit the vehicle title to me. Leila stated that they were a couple and he was an abusive individual forcing her to give him all of the money from her bank account in which she couldn’t provide any refund. | I came to understand that I got scammed at that moment and I told Hamidreza that I would not return the vehicle until my demands were met. He went as far as having random people contact me threatening that I would be arrested if I was spotted driving the vehicle. He also sent a “repo man” to my house at 12am with the actual “owner” of the vehicle. I indicated to both the repo man and the “owner” that if they want the vehicle they need to contact law enforcement, almost a whole year has went by and they have yet to fulfill what was necessary to get the vehicle back. | I tried to report Golden Motors to the Long Beach Police Department but they stated that this would be a civil matter and that I had to pursue legal action. I tried to pursue legal action but my lawyer told me that they covered their tracks and their bond company legal team muddied the waters preventing me from obtaining any kind of refund according to current pending legal matters involving other customers, there wasn’t much that could be done. | I reported them to the DMV, Better Business Bureau, and the State of California Attorney General. The DMV has provided steps in which I can obtain ownership of the vehicle as the seller wasn’t the original owner, but it is a very difficult process. I am at a brick wall with this situation. | Hamidreza Rezaei is still in business with his parent company Auto Prime which is located in Pico Rivera. | I have douments and screenshots of text messages but I would like to stay anonymous, documents and texts are available upon request.

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