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Published: 08 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

7-30-2008 I wanted to get my A/C in my Cadillac fixed because it was not working. It hadn’t been working for about 2 years. I took it in and they said it was just low on freon. It was still R12, so they said they needed to retrofit it to R134-the new standard. They did the retrofit,changed the oil and charged it up. They said they leak tested it and no leaks. Paid $128.19. My A/C worked. Next morning, all the freon leaked out of the new fitting they put in on the low pressure side. There was green dye all over my engine. I called them and they said bring it in right away so they could take a look. But one of my rear hydraulic cylinders started leaking really bad so I had to change that out and couldn’t do it until the next week. So I bring it in 8-4-2008 and also point out that there’s green on one of the high pressure fittings on the hardline too, and if they could check it to see if that’s also leaking or if its only the new fill fitting they put in. They changed out the fill fitting and the technician said that while there is no pressure in it he would change out the o-ring just to be sure. He also changed the expansion tube because it was right there where the fitting was. $5 in parts. Thats about 10 mins of labor tops. Refilled the freon. Then they hit me with the bill. They wanted almost $170. They said it was partly my fault because of the bad fitting and they had already taken off a little of the labor costs. I was outraged. This is THEIR responsibility for installing a defective part. The technician did not once admit that the o-ring they replaced was causing the leak, but the fitting that was defective definatly was because you could hear it hissing out. After arguing with the owner, they decreased the price to $111 which was still unacceptable. I had to pay 1/2 the labor (1 hour), 1 qt of freon, and a freon evacuation charge. Obviously I couldn’t just leave without paying. Now, 8-27, all the freon leaked out again. The car was driven twice since 8-4-2008. This is comepletey unacceptable. Gbrider Green Bay, WisconsinU.S.A.

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