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Published: 27 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

in late 2007 i bought a used 2003 landrover discovery. I decided instead of buying the dealers warranty I would look for a less expessive company for a extended warranty and called several warranty companies. I found Auto Repair Warranty online and called for a special $1799 for a bumper to bumper warranty. when i spoke to the reprentatives we went over the contract and they said a thousand things that made me feel comfortable in purchasing the warranty. They said in qoute “We will make sure we take care of your car no matter what”. thats when he explained the contract to me on the website and made it look really good. But he failed to explain the loop whole I later found out about when i needed my truck repaired. recently i have a valve cover gasket and head gasket leak and I called it in andthe claims person said. “they are not covered unless there is a problem from inside the engine. ???? I was so quite you could hear crickets and frogs in the background as I was silenced by his comment. I immediately felt a hot rage crawl down my spinal cord. At this point we spent 30 minutes on the phone arguing about the contract and how it is very munipulating and deceiving. All in all the truck will not be repaired by them as I was told. I called my mechanic I had for over 8 years and he was floored! He knows warranty companies really well and could not understand what there deal was and he called them to find out what the problem is. To no avail he did not succeed. I called Micheal Anthony and asked for my money back and of coarse that went well…..he went straight to the politics and started reading my contract again and again. then got frustrated with me and started yelling at me about “why he is tired of people calling to speak to him and getting mad about the contract.” I told him the reason why people are pissed off is beacue of your decieving business. They have been avoiding repairs since I bought the truck. I have had other warranties before and have never ran into such confusion, deception and lies. I want my money back and I agree for a class action suit against this company. I hope someone out there in the news world reads this and help us little folks out to get what we deserve. Lamont bowie, MarylandU.S.A.

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