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Published: 25 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

My stepson and Mr. Fiore’s daughter had been in a relationship. They had an unpleasant encounter which resulted in the police being notified. Please not both kids are over the age of 19. My stepson was arrested for vandalism for breaking her cell phone. Truly that was the charge. Mr. Fiore solicited to tow my stepson’s car from the hotel manager who does not speak fluent English. Much to Mr. Fiore’s surprise…the car was in my name. I contacted Mr. Fiore at 2 pm on a Friday afternoon on the day of the event and inquired about the tow. He quickly informed me that is was legal and he could charge whatever he wanted because it was a “personal” tow. He further informed me that he was going to charge me for the tow based on repairs to his daughter’s car which was evidently vandalized. My stepson was not and has not ever been charged with this. There is two other parties involved in this situation. So the blame for her vehicle has not been decided. However, one situation is not reliant on the other. He informed me that he would let me know. I finally notified the police department who would not get involved due to this being of a personal nature. Mr. Fiore also tows for this police department. The police captain did contact him and told me to call him. I tried to call him and no response all week end. Monday had to go to police department due to inability to contact him and he would not allow be to acquire my vehicle over the weekend. He spoke with the police and told them at least $400 and then more dependent upon other charges. I could go to courthouse and file papers which would allow me to obtain my car but would have to go before the judge whenever. Fortunately, I went and got my car. He had left bill on car for $400 and had not added other charges. While this situation is not illegal on face value, this maneuver is a violation of business ethics and the tow should have never been allowed due to conflict of interest. His demeanor and mannerism during this situation regarding MY car shows poor business conduct and responsibility. The situation between the kids does not involve him or my car. How do you solicit a tow from someone who does not speak English and furtherrmore, the signature on the tow slip is not legible.

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