Auto Sales Ltd.

Auto Sales Ltd.

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Published: 20 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I had the exact same experience. The service department as a whole are nice, but they are trained to get as much money from you as possible, as they all are. These guys over-fix, overcharge and over-explain it all off. One says its because the Certified mechanic was sisck, the next says he’s wrong, the next says he was actually right. I got the car back with no fix, a big bill and multiple additional things wrong or not working. I worked at a dealership 30years ago and not a thing has changed. To make matters worse when you complain they are like puppets reciting line or children reciting a nursery rhyme; canned and rehearsed. It is one thing to overcharge a person and take clear advantage of them, it is another when you plead ignorance. Watch out, they might bring in the Manager! An expert in his and her (there are both for the true gutting coverage). An ego-trip, I-ain’t-nobody-on-the-totem-poll-but-I’ll-show-you. | ignoramus. They have two skills; 1.monetize and 2. stonewall the complaint – especially if it costs us money. Buyer Beware of these guys. They WILL get in your wallet in every way. Kinds Auto Malta is a typical Used Car Lot attitude on their part and user experience on yours.

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