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Published: 25 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

To Whom It May Concern: In the past couple months I have been very disappointed to have the opportunity to work with the company of Auto Save. I purchased a Auto Save contract when I bought my truck, a 2001 Dodge 2500 with a Cummins diesel motor. Upon purchasing this truck at Grants Car Connection, I was told about a great warranty that they had to offer. And that this would be a good thing to buy with my truck knowing that dodge trucks are prone to having transition problem I took there advise and purchased the warranty. Days after I purchased the warranty I called AutoSave direct and spoke with Rick, asking if there is any thing I should know besides what the warranty contract says. He informed me that the most important was to make sure that I have all my oil changes done on time, I took his advice and followed exactly what my contract says. Which states the following: a) Change the engine oil and filter in the engine within Sixty (60) days of warranty start date. b) Require that the engine oil and engine oil filter be changed by a commercial service facility every four (4) months or four thousand (4,000) miles thereafter, whichever comes first. Proper documentation and verifiable receipts for oil and engine oil filter changes will be required in the event of a claim. Hand written receipts will not be accepted. c) Continued maintenance of covered component(s) as outlined in vehicle owner’s manual. Service receipts and invoices will be requested in the case of a claim. I took my truck to a dodge dealer for oil changes and also to a shop to have the transition oil changed. Doing all that I could to keep my truck in the best running condition possible. Upon getting the transition oil changed the shop that I had change the oil notified me that there was metal fragments in my oil, and letting me know that I would not have a long time before I would need to have the transmission overhauled. That caused a concern for me; I monitored the transmission carefully with the Trans gauge that came with the truck. It soon became evident with the temperature rising constantly and not having the power that it had in earlier months that the transmission was starting to fail. Then I called Autosave and asked what I should do, again talking to Rick he informed me it would be better to get the truck in sooner that later. Again following his advise I checked on what shop would be a good shop to have do the work and decided upon Moonlight Diesel to do the work, They have an excellent reputation of being a fair and an honest shop. I took my truck in the shop where I then waited to find out what was wrong with the truck. They took the transition apart and had an adjustor come sent by Auto Save to look it over, shortly after Rick at Auto save told me to go ahead and start with the transition. After I had not heard from any one at auto save for a couple weeks I called to ask about what the warranty would cover. I was informed by Rick that my warranty was going to be void. I immediately lost my breath asking why, I was told he didn’t know and that he would have to find out. I called back a week later and he still didn’t know but told me I could talk to Bob Adams who was in charge of claim adjustments. I after calling a number of times was able to get a hold of Mr. Bob Adams, who them immediately told me you will not like my answer, I am still voiding you warranty I asked why? He then told me that I had extra springs in the truck and a Fifth wheel hitch in the bed of the truck telling me with that I can assume you are using you truck for commercial use there for voiding you warranty. I checked the vin number and the extra springs were stock ( know as the camper package). I during the first part of January 2007 I tried again to contact auto save and spoke with Rick who then told me that my warranty was void because of the fifth wheel hitch was considered a modification. I was told that my only option was a refund on the warranty. And the refund that was sent was $235 out of the $1000 I paid. I have never signed anything saying that the warranty is over or seen anything that say why my warranty is void. I have complied with all of what was required of me and do not think it just, the way that I am being dealt with. Jared spanish Fork, UtahU.S.A.

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