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Auto Seller Network Inc

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Published: 11 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I received a phone call about a month ago for my truck that I am selling. The phone call was from a Christopher Michaels at the Auto Seller network. He claims that there have been over 80 searches on my vehicle and it is high demand as they do not have any listed. He proceeds to tell me that their company loans buyers money if needed and they take care of everything for you. Listing the vehicle, dealing with the customers, etc. That they are listed with the BBB and the are a credible company. All I would have to do is let potential buyers come see the vehicle. The price is $399.99 but he will drop the price to $299.99 because he’s “the regional manager”. It is a 90 day money back gaurantee if your vehicle does not sell. But you have to buy the sellers protection package for an additional $99.99. So silly me I agree and I am told that he will call me the following day by 10:00 a.m. and he then transfers me to the payment department. The next morning no phone call. I waited until later in the afternoon to call customer service which is an answering machine. I am now thinking did I get ripped off. Wait theres hope a couple hours later Mr. Michaels calls. Does not say much more than oh I will call you tommorow morning at 10:00 Okay. Guess what no phone call and have yet to ever receive one a month later. They also have a refund form that you have to send in within 7 days of your add being posted. Or you are not eligable for your refund. Well its kind of hard to do that when no body calls or emails the information you need for the form. After several phone calls to customer service and them telling me this and that I finally got the information 3 days later. Oh and there is another refund request form you have to send in within 7 days of the 90 day gaurantee and it must be notarized. They do not mention all of this on the phone. My husband and I were actually interested in a vehicle they have listed so there is a button you push to say you are interested in that vehicle and you fill out contact info. They then say you will be contacted shortly. Well after several attempts and an email directly to customer service no reply. I thought I am going to try and put an interest in our vehicle we have listed, sure enough no reply. They get you to buy into it place your add online so it looks legit but then they do not do anything after that. On top of that I had to change a better part of my add that he had listed incorrectly. Apparently it is my responsibilty to change my add as I was made aware of by customer service. What happened to “we take care of everything for you”. Karla Calgary, AlbertaCanada

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