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Auto Shipment International

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Published: 20 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

In the last 15 months I had 4 vehicles shipped from Miami, FL, to Europe using the services of a shipping Company called ASI (Autoshipment International) located 49 NE 22th Street in Miami, FL 33137. On these four shipments, this Company managed to damage the driveshaft and the fuel tank of one of my vehicles and the driveshaft of another vehicle (the 1982 Ford Econoline of last shipment). They probably didnt know you don’t lift a rear-drive vehicle with a forklift truck. I had a hard time to temporarily fix the last damaged driveshaft to enable me to drive the van home to France. Now I have to find and import a replacement driveshaft at my own expense (their European partner admitted to partially pay for the repair of the first damaged driveshaft). In addition, some stuff has been stolen from inside of the last vehicle. And last, but not least, THEY LOST THE ORIGINAL TITLE TO THE VAN. I tried many times to know what had happened with my title. The guy supposedly in charge, Bulent, first told me he had forgotten to send the title to their European partner. Then, after several weeks of waiting, he admitted he had sent it to the wrong Company in Europe (“Are you sure?” I asked. “100% sure!” he answered). Bulent told me many times he had sent their European partner the tracking number in order to locate the lost title. I personally contacted this European partner who told me they NEVER received any tracking number from Bulent. And I could never get this tracking number myself either. Question is: was there ever a DHL shipment of my title? To cut a long story short I bought a van, I paid ASI for the shipping of this van and for the DHL shipping of original documents and I paid duties in France. I am left with a van not running properly and with no title to register it in my own country. So when I finally understood that ASI don’t give a s**t about their customers I eventually had (as “advised” by Bulent) to personally ask the previous owner of my van (a dealer) to have a duplicate title done by the local DMV. They charged me $50.00 ($25.00 DMV fees + dealer fees) that Bulent promised me he would refund. Then Bulent told me he would credit me for my next shipment. THERE WILL BE NO MORE SHIPMENT THROUGH THIS COMPANY. So he had to “see with accountant for a possible refund”. I’m fed up with phoning again and again to see them beat around the bush with my problem which arose only because of their incompetence and their inability to solve it. Nobody ever cared about me, my two driveshafts, my stuff stolen and the lost title. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Alain ORLEANSFrance

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