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Auto Shipper America

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Published: 26 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I called “Auto Shippers America”, because I needed my car immediately sent out East. There website seemed professional and customer service oriented, (They even had a mission statement, all carefully contrived) I explained to the sales represenative that I only had a few days, and needed it expedited, because I was flying out in a few days. When speaking to the representative, (very friendly when it came to the sale) they assured me that by upgrading to the Platnium plan, I would be guaranteed a pickup with in the alotted time. Ergo Platnium. Now for the con. The time for pickup was quickly approaching and I had heard nothing. No time, or date of confirmation. Being pressed for information I called them to investigate what the statis was. When I tried to call the company they assured me they were trying to get someone, and they would call me back. I explained to them the whole point of me paying for the service was because they assured professional, reliable pickup service, and that if they couldnt have the car picked up within the time alotted, it was pointless and I wanted it canceled. Of course there response, “I think I have someone, I will call you back”. The day came and went, no call back. I contacted them via an email, and explained I wanted the service canceled. They not negelected to provide me a confirmation of pickup, but once they taken my money, they acted if I didnt exist, fowarding me to vmail from h operator. I had no info on a pickup, and it was going to be too late. I explained to them since they had broken there agreement (of picking up my car within the alotted time) that I was not going require there service. I had to go with another company. They insisted that although they had not provided any service at all, not even a confirmation of having a driver for a future time, I mean nothing, that I was still liable for the charges. Insane! They made me go with another company because they were incapable of conducting proper business practices. They stressed me, they wouldnt contact me directly, only via email. The only they accomplished was stealingmy money. I later found out that ASA is really not a part of the BBB (Better Business Bureau), and that they currently have to this date 22 complaints logged against them. There grade for good business practices was “F”, by the Better Business Bureau. Don’t take my word for it, please review the BBB site. Please do not lose your money to these thieves, stay away! I will be following up with the FTC, and contacting the state attorney general of consumer affairs. Amazing they even had testimonies of good service, in which they provided on there site, contrary to the BBB. Stay away if you value your money !!!!!!!!! Ray NY, New YorkU.S.A.

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