Auto Sound of Cape Coral

Auto Sound of Cape Coral

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Published: 05 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Called Auto Sound in cape coral for a quote to have my windows tinted and they seemed to be the cheapest i called, so i decided to make an appointment and go there. the price was $299.00 to have my car tinted in 3M window film, i agreed and got it done. while in the waiting area i noticed that the lids on the vending machines were destroyed and seemed as though they were chewed by something then i noticed rat fecies on the floor everywhere, the smell of a dead rotting carcus in the corner of a rat, i had to walk outside cause it was horrible to breathe.. while walking outside around back i noticed that the tinters was throwing out used up boxes of suntek film in the dumpster kinda seemed odd because there was no mention of suntek film by the salesman up in the front of the store. i had reached in the dumpster and took a sample of it and went up front and asked if there was 3M going on my car. the salesman named glen said it was 3M i decided to not mention anything about the suntek film. an hour later my car was done, i paid and left their store and decided to go cross town to another shop, Quality Window Tint in ft myers with sample in hand i showed them my car and asked if it was tinted in 3M and they said no it wasn’t it matches the sample of film i took outa the dumpster, they also said Auto Sound isn’t a 3M dealer and still sells the product even though they don’t have it.. FRAUD wow i was amazed this happened. i called Auto Sound and talked with Scott Jones, to find out his real name is Keith Morgan the Owner, he said that 3M was installed on my car and the other shops are just tryin to give him a bad name, so with that i called 3M directly and found out they haven’t purchased 3M film in over a year. hmmm i did the math there and my vehicle was tinted with suntek and i payed the 3M price i was ripped off and i hope this company Auto Sound of Cape Coral goes outa business for FRAUD bait and switch or whatever

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