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Published: 24 October 2018

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On Saturday, August 2, 2014 approximately around 1:30pm I, (owner/driver) and one other passenger entered the Auto Spa Hand Car Wash ( located at 10117 York Road, Hunt Valley, MD 21030 and purchased the “1 Wax Works Wy” at the cost of $38 which includes: 1 – Pkg Wash 1 – Underbody 1 – Velocity Clear Coa 1 – Wesley’s Wheel Cln 1 – Triple Foam 1 – The Works 1 – Tire Dressing 1 – SUV/Minivan/Wagon @ $2 totaling $40 in which I paid using my Visa ending in (Sale *********/Sale Appr *****). This package includes cleaning the outside, inside, and trunk/back area. At 1:44pm I paid the cashier (swiping my card). I and the passenger watched as my Black Mercedes Benz SUV came down the conveyer belt as the workers wiped down the outside and the inside, throwing my floor mats along the conveyer which means they were inside my car. A small woman cleaned my inside driver side, windshield, windows and dash. They then took my car out to the drying/parking area where another set of workers completed the drying and shining of the tires. Again, they go inside and check what the previous worker did and finish the smaller details. I have been coming to the car wash for years since it opened so I am very familiar with how the process works. Once we left the car wash, we went directly to Walmart which is basically across the street. I did not turn on the air or bother the air vents because the drive was such a short distance (1 minute at most). When we came from inside Walmart it was approximately 3:08pm, which is about a little over an hour after leaving the car wash. We got in the car, I turned on the air and attempted to adjust the vents back to their normal positions. I barely touched the vent before the piece that allows me to adjust and move the vent feel into my hand. At this point, I realized that the piece was apparently damaged during the process of cleaning the inside at the car wash, and whoever broke it just sat it back on the vent so that it would look like nothing was wrong with it. I left Walmart and went directly to Chic-fil-A which is directly across from the car wash. I called and spoke with the young girl that works the register at approximately 3:14pm (according to my phone’s call log). I explained to her that I visited the car wash a little earlier and my vent piece was broken. She then asked if I had the receipts, and if I could bring the car back to Auto Spa so that the manager could look at it and I said, “Yes, I’m right across the street at Chic-fil-A”. Immediately after hanging up with the girl, we went back to the car wash. I went in and the girl said, “Just one moment while I look for the manager, have a seat”. Within 3 minutes or so, the manager comes out with a slight scowl already on his face. I calmly proceeded to tell him what happened showing him the vent piece that was in my hand. We walked out to my car and he got in on the driver side, sideways and looked at the vent while the same passenger was still sitting in the car. He then slapped the vents in a downward position and looked at me while I’m standing outside of the car and said, “They didn’t even clean this!” So, at this point as he was getting ready to get out, I said, “Wait a minute, I know exactly where you are trying to go with this…” He then proceeded to get out of the car and said again, “They DID NOT clean in there”. So, at this point I become very angry and say to him, “You are going to stand here and tell me that they did not clean inside my car and I have the receipt to show what I paid includes inside and out?” He again denies that my car was cleaned inside and I began to curse, and said “You are going to f****** stand here and lie to my f****** face?” My volume was indeed elevated at this time because of the fact that this so-called man/manager would deliberately lie as if myself and my passenger were delusional and were lying that the workers cleaned the inside of my car and broke my vent. I had to pick someone up at 3:30pm on this day all the way in Woodlawn, and I had them to wait because of this matter. I would not waste my time and/or have someone else wait almost an hour because I felt like lying, it’s the principle. He then told me to stop cursing at him and to leave the property because he would call the police. I told him, “I don’t care who you call, and to call the police and I will stand here and wait for them because this is a scam all because you don’t want to pay for the damage done to my car”. I assume that this is a regular tactic that they use with dissatisfied customers to “scare them off”. He called the police, and I continued to tell him how this was not right and that my property was damaged. I then walked down toward some of the workers that were still outside where we were standing earlier waiting for them to finish my car, and I began to ask one of them if they remembered me being there earlier waiting for them to finish my car because they cleaned the inside, and the worker said, “Yeah, I think I do remember”. The manager then begins to yell and tell me that I cannot walk in the same area in which myself, my passenger, and others stand regularly while waiting for their cars or just standing in general. I then called over another worker in which he yelled at again and told her to go back and that I cannot talk to his employees. He then demands that I go back to my car as if I was a child or one of his employees. I told him, “I don’t have to go anywhere and I can stand wherever I choose because the area was the waiting area, and I’m waiting for the police.” I then told him, “Karma is a b**** and he will remember this day when his life starts to crumble because he knows deep down that he’s lying only to avoid paying for the repair of the vent” (No one can purposefully mistreat/misuse people and not suffer the consequences). I also said to him that the really sad part of the matter is that he absolutely knows that he’s a liar and a scammer. He then says, “Now you’re threating my life”. I responded, “You know I didn’t “threaten” your life. One of the workers walked pass and I said, “You know your boss is a scammer?” He laughed and said, “Yeah”. When I told him that even his workers know he’s a scammer he then tried to pull the “they cannot speak English” bit because they are Spanish/Mexican. All of the workers are Mexican or of Spanish decent except 2 that all perform some form of manual labor. As I waited for the police to come an older man pulls up in a pickup truck and the “manager” says a few words to him and the older man tells him that I cannot go inside and that he will handle it. I told the older man, “you don’t even know what’s going on here, you just got here” and he responded, “I know everything, I’ m always here upstairs”. Clearly, this man only knew the basis may be of why I was upset, but he then tells me that the workers did not clean inside my car as if either one of them were out there when my car was being washed and cleaned inside. So, this is when I realize this is definitely a regular occurrence with this company whenever they have a dissatisfied customer. I asked the older man that since they are saying the workers did not clean inside my car, could I be refunded the $20 they basically charge in addition and he said, “NO”. They keep a record of every license plate that comes through that car wash and I’m sure they could pull records of how many times I have brought my current car and my other cars through their car wash to verify that I was a loyal customer and never complained before in which I could have for the shotty work they did from time-to-time; however, they choose to basically dismiss my concern like I was nothing. I don’t drive a piece of crap car anymore (not that there’s anything wrong if someone does because I did too), however I worked hard to get my dream car and I take very good care of it. I should not have to pay out of my pocket to fix something in which I did not break, and I should not have to ride around in a “luxury” car with broken parts that was no fault of my own. When the police came I showed him my receipts, and explained exactly what I explained above to the officer. I admitted to the officer that I used profanity because I was very upset and had every right to be. I also advised the officer that I frequented Auto Spa regularly throughout the years and was not doing anything “illegal” for them to insist that I exit their premises before the police got there, in which they wanted me to saying to me that I was going to be arrested. I asked the officer if I could file a report, but he advised that this was a civil matter and that I would need to obtain a lawyer. The officer offered to obtain Auto Spa’s corporate and/or owner’s information and he obtained a business card from the older man and gave it to me. I feel like I was treated very disrespectfully, told to get back to my car and to shut up and never come back (in which I never will) like all the years of money paid didn’t matter. They have no type of customer service protocol. They do not even attempt to rectify the issue, but inside lie and then play the “it’s your word against ours game”. This company is extremely unprofessional and could care less about their faithful customers. They did not even offer to refund the wash, rain check, or anything. I see that they have had other complaint through the BBB and also said to be liars according to one of the complaint. I’m so very tired of companies/corporations/organizations soliciting for your money and providing subpar service, and when you express your displeasure they want to throw you out like yesterday’s garbage. This needs to stop, consumers should have more protection than the corporations we are the reason they are making money! We’re taxed and burdened with increased costs for goods and services and we are treated like we don’t matter, it is unfair! .

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