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Auto Star Car Sales

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Published: 08 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I paid my attorney friend to drive me out to Auto Star on January 20th 2018 to test drive a Lincoln Navigator. In the ad it states there are no known problems and that the previous owner had taken good care of the the vehicle. I began to get nervous and worried because after sitting for 3 hours waiting on the truck, it still was not there. While I was waiting, I asked Peter Casteneda to give me a carfax report. When I looked at that it had 6 previous owners and 2 known wrecks plus a odometer discrepancy. When the car arrived, there were two lights on on the dash. ABS and CH SUSP (Brakes and check suspension). I test drove the car and while test driving we approached the highway I-85 South) when the Check Engine light came on. At that time I told the mechanic who rode with me that there were too many problems with this truck and that I did not want it. At that time he told me to drive the truck and if I was not happy or if he felt something was wrong with the ca, he would not sell it. He sent their mechanic to ride with me to the gas station to get gas and continue with the test drive. When we left that was around the time the Check Engine light came on. The mechanic assured me these lights were “no issue” and “no big deal” and “easy to fix”. I made up my mind I would not take that truck and that there was something wrong and that I would not pay anything for a truck with that many problems. At that time, I looked around the lot and found a Ford Expedition and a Nissan Murano. I test drove the Murano first. As soon as I got in I noticed a light flashibg on the dash. It looked like an Air Bag light. And the car was very very high mileage. A 2005 with 186,000+ miles. The car was making some sort of jerking or pulling motion at that time. I decided I would ask them to fix the ca and Peter assured me he would put in writing that he would get that taken care of. So, I do have that in writing. This Murano is no good. I couldn’t even make it all the way home before the car was smoking and would not move. The Navigator, they told me they would make sure there was no problems and the mechanic assured me the lights on were no problem. I am not satisfied and this Murano is in my parking lot and will not even move. I had to shift the car back and forth from Drive to Reverse and Park to get it up the hill into my complex. The lady who dropped me off is an attorney. I called her and I have made copies of the ads posted and the paperwork I have received. I have made copies of the documents as well as the carfax I was shown last night that the Navigator was 6 owners and had 2 wrecks. I do not appreciate that the mechanic assured me there was no problems with these cars. I am going to take the car back if I can even get it to go up the hill. I had to backup and go forward at 3 miles an hour and turn around just to get the car into my complex last night. I was blessed I made it this far. Last night Peter Cateneda assured me he would not sell a car unless he felt the car was worth it and that he would setup an appointment to get the Murano fixed. I am disgusted that I had to pay another $500 on top of the $1000 I had already paid that I was allowed to drive off the lot with this car and it was not even working right within less than 2 hours of purchase. I will contact small claims court on Monday morning to file regarding this issue. I work for a very large technology company in Atlanta and I will contact everyone I know there as well as post internet ads and blogs about this company unless I am satisfied that no other customer goes to any of these car “dealerships” in Norcross or Lawrenceville or any other location in the world!

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