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Published: 29 October 2018

Posted by: Roland

I am an office manager at a repair facility. I received a call from someone at USBI, who led me to beleive that he was representing Century Link, who is our local and long distance provider. He promised they would save us money on our 5 phone lines, with no additional charges, because we were an existing customer. I was all for saving money for my company, so I agreed for them to make changes. In the following 3 weeks I received my bill and noticed they had charged me $212.50 in third party charges. I was pissed! After many different phone calls, I finally got someone to reversed the charges and my next bill would show a credit. A few weeks later I received my statement that indeed showed my credit! Great! But after reviewing noticed that they had billed me again for the same charges. After 2 hours on the phone, no one I called had any contact info on USBI, and no one could issue the credit on my bill, even though someone did exactly that, the previous month. Why would Century Link put their customers on the line like this! It makes me furious to know that this company is allowing third party companies to scam innocent business and residential customers! Dont we mean anything to you? All customers, get smart and get a third party block on your lines!!!

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