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Published: 28 November 2020

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Lets start off I ordered Parts From Richard and Matt On 12/09/2008 they told me they had all the parts and they would be shipped out. 3 months later I called up richard and asked him where the parts are at the said they didnot have them but would be in soon and then they woould ship them out. now they told me the had all the parts instock and if i payed now they would have them shipped out so I paid them over 10,000 for all the parts so my parts should of been on there way. but i under stand I build a lot of cars just like them some parts can be on back order so i wait 3 more months parts are still not here so i call the owner matt talk with him and he tell me a diffrent story and my parts are on there way. about a month later I get one part that was 200.00 and a week later a get one more and the 2 weeks later I get a big 2500.00 part great i can start on the car my parts are comming. so i start working on the car start installing the 200.00 part then the other one now 3 weeks go by no more parts so I call matt up again parts are on the way shipped out today so I start with installing the rear part of the car since the rest of the front is on there way. well back part dont fit this car so I call then up and he gives me a number to the company that fabs the part so i call them up say hey the part dose not fit what can we do, the owner said I will have that part out to you tomorrow me joke said “you mean next month” owner gos what do you mean so I told him my story and he tell’s me I just got payed for this the week i sent it to you. so now im pissed so i try calling matt and richard for 2 months every day and no calls back or emails. so I do some reserch and find the company that makes the parts I ordered and talk to the owner and tell him my story and he tells me all call you back tomorrow. Low and behold i get a call from matt telling me they have been out of the office and the company is still making the parts and its there falt parts are on there way. so I told him that I wanted my parts or my money back said the part will be out this week not a problem so 2 months later I get 2 more parts now where in this 15 months since I payed in full for the parts and im still missing parts. so I sent matt and the company a letter tell them im going to be calling the courts if I dont get my parts. matt calls me up and said I cant get the parts I will send you out a check well now we are here 8/5/2018 no calls,no emails nothing and they still owe me 2295.00 plus 1000.00 for the ups bill for all the parts they sent me on someone elses ups account that i had to pay becuase i signed for them so I’am resposable since the company that they used refused the charges

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