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Published: 08 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I would like first start of by telling you that I know good and well what a nice car cover is and what is junk. Therefor you must understand that I know the price of car covers inside and out. Now for those of you who know eBay is supposed to be about 99% of the time the cheapest place in the market to get crazy good deals. I usually buy my car covers from covercraft / coverking and many other stores on google. So what happends is as follow I go on eBay one morning looking around to buy a car cover for my new CHEVROLET CORVETTE C5 6 LAYER WATERPROOF CAR COVER 2004, The guys a peiece of crap lier what he is a perfect scam I call him. Why he says 6 layers so I say fine sounds like a plan lets buy it for the price he offers it for. Believe it or not the sun of a gun sends me a 3 maybe 4 layer peice of crap cover. I email him and hes like sorry you might be right but we dont think so. So I would like to refund you. He thinks Im going to pay the return shipping. I tell sure I will but I want the 6 layer cover I bought hes like you got the 6 layers thats the best we have for now. The lier keeps lie going and trys to pull a scam on me and all of ebay. So what did I do I report him and open a paypal case the guys fighting me while he has the cover back and owes me return shipping money. No refund no cover. Fine no big deal. So what happens I figures 6 layers yeah right doesnt excist I called my self the ediout I have me and a couple of my buddies by every 6 layer on online and comare them all half the guys were him selling the same crap cover and to my suprise there was actually a few guys or maybe even 1 guy who had few user ids who acually really had the cover. This is what pissed me off the freeking guy lied and said sorry we dont have it. But meanwhile others do. I dont give a d**n about the scam 6 layer in the beginning but when I see that some guy really makes it and this guy auto autoarmour-auctions is just being cheap thief to make it thats what killed me to make the effort to put this all over and tell everyone what he does to crook all of ebay and car clubs etc. P.S. eBay is still the safiest place to buy just know this guy selling car covers is a crook I have bought many car covers on ebay and recommend staying away from him

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