Autobahn BMW Fort Worth

Idiotic staff and a bunch of scammers

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Published: 18 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

If you ever decide to go to Autobahn BMW Fort Worth then reconsider your decision or read this review because it might save you from misery. My experience with Autobahn BMW showed just how much this company has ruined itself with time. They don’t realize that the market is filled with alternatives. They are just a bunch of lazy ass retards. Their workers are unprofessional and they have no idea how to handle a car. They are just a waste of time and money to be very honest. I decided to go to Autobahn BMW Fort Worth because it was near my home and I had heard positive reviews about them. I took my 328i to this place to get my tire replaced. My car was in a perfect shape until I brought it to Autobahn BMW Fort Worth.
One of their service providers recommended me to get my car aligned because it was out of shape. Well, I didn’t feel any of this but since they were professional I agreed to it and asked them to do the aligning. 4 days later when I called them about picking the car up I was being told that they could not align my car and they have to make sure to get it as close as possible. I mean if you can’t your job perfectly then why is there a fucking need to recommend anything to your customer. I did not ask them to align my car and they were the only one who wanted to do it. I decided to pick up my car but it pulled it to the right while driving. I called them again and ask them to fix it or else I will make sure that they have to pay every penny for it.
They agreed to it and after some days when I picked my car, now it pulled to the left. My car was in perfect shape before I brought it to Autobahn BMW Fort Worth. One of their service providers told me that he drove my car and it was perfectly fine. I knew that he was lying and they could not get my car aligned. This person was a scammer and was continuously lying to me. I already know this person as he told me that he would give me a callback but he did not. When I asked him about the call back he said he called me but I didn’t answer. I knew he didn’t call me and was lying again. You would have to wait every day for his fucking damn phone call, and at the end, I am the one who is calling him. I do not like to visit these bastards again and I keep alerting other people in my social circle to beware of this crap. Go to an Audi dealership or buy a Volvo but stay away from BMW. These guys are nuts. Stay away from such places.

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