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Published: 19 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Autoclaims Limited Bolton (BL3 6TA) is the most disgusting company in the whole united kingdom! Let me explain why, around 3-4 years ago, we had a car accident and autoclaims where the solicitors that came to us to use their services to make a claim. However they never told us at first that they aren’t solicitors and are just brokers, but instead they were telling us stories of how they had managed to get loads of compensation for people that had the same type of accident. Well because it was our first time this had happened to us, we accepted their offer with good intentions and were appointed a so called solicitor called “AFZAL” and he told us that within 6 months we will receive compensation + the money for the car that we had the accident with. ( he himself took our car and scrapped for a reason he didn’t tell us ). We were very excited as the 6 months time passed and called AUTOCLAIMS for an update. However, after calling them for hours and hours each day, they didn’t pick up our phone calls! So we had to visit them instead, when we arrived we asked them why they didn’t pickup their phone calls. In response to our question they said that they are very busy and do not pickup phone calls. (very strange!) Alright, that was not a big issue we said so we asked them for an update of our claim. The update AFZAL gave us was “We do not know where your case is upto and we will let you know soon”. So we left the building and waited another few months, when we re-visited them for a new update, they gave us the same answer again “We do not know where your case is upto and we will let you know soon”. So this time we asked AFZAL how come he didn’t know where the case is upto as he is the one that is handling our claim. Well Afzal said: I haven’t received the police report yet and cannot continue untul that is sorted. So we asked him how long it will take for him to receive the police report and he said once again “I don’t know”. What type of solicitor is this!!! ?? He doesn’t know anything!!! This is very strange! So we were so disappointed and just left him to it. 2 years passed by and we still hadn’t received any updates whatsoever. So we went to another solicitor and asked him for advice and he told us that we should make a complaint with the financial ombudsmen. As they are the only organization that can help us. We thanked the solicitor so much and rang up AFZAL and told him that we will make a complaint with the financial ombudsmen. This is when they started acting very nicely to us again and asked us that we do not need to that as they will sort something out. AFZAL gave us an appointment with their compliance officer “DARREN” to sort this out. So when we went to the meeting, the compliance officer “DARREN” was very nice to us and said that he will look into our case and see what went wrong. After a week, we re-visited the compliance officer to see where he was upto. We sat down and had a long chat where he said that AFZAL has been unprofessional to us in this matter as he is a young inexperienced employee. He said that he will give us the money for the car now and will re-appeal our claim. He wrote us a cheque of u00a33,000 and told us that he will keep in touch with us once he has made the appeal. 6 months passed by and we have tried to contact him several times, however he never responded to us. We sended him messages on whatsapp and he read it but never responded! We haven’t re-visited him as of yet as we feel very uncomfortable with this company. This company has just ruined our lives! If we had claimed with another company, then we would’ve received a minimum of u00a330,000 of compensation by now as the accident was really serious! The reason I have put up this complaint online is to protect other people like myself from this disgusting company! Be careful people, I have found out that these people aren’t even solicitors and are just brokers! I have a feeling that they have claimed all the compensation for themselves and i am now in a position that I do not know what to do next!

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