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Published: 23 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

10-31-2016 Scamed by ebay seller: autodoctor007Okay firs off it took 10 days to recieve the obd scan tool with what was supposed to be a software disc. Im not complaining about the ship time, I expected 14 days coming from japan. the disc has icons, but they wont install or at least not on my computer.I am running xp 2002 on a 1.6 mhz with 512 mb ram. I contacted the seller Immidiatly upon finding this out no response. so 8 hours later I made another atempt, and 24 hours later still he has not responded to my 2 email notifications. I have tried to find the exact software on line and the only thing Ican find is a co that wants to charge me $4.66 to sign up for thier download service they arnt even guarenteeing that the software works or that they even have it. so I deciden not to comprimise my info with some unknown flyby night job. next I found whitch is what the seller says the hardware works with they do have what apperars to have a free version. I installed with very little problems.and I thought I was on my way to success. I hooked up obd tool to connector and laptop, fired up the truck selected all the options, and recieved the message that i was using a clone, and thier software wouldnt work since there are multiple service problems with this manufacturer. I dont know how the seller seems to have so many possitive marks, very interesting how they are all or at least most “private sellers” I think this is a network of sellers/buyers that know oneanother and build thier possitive marks on lowend purchasesso people build trust in them. some might be legit but most bad. I dont want anyone to fall for the ebay OBd2 scan tool scam. I think there might be good sellers, but beware and buy from a local seller or one that I am goingto report this person to ebay and paypal and the credit card my paypal is connected tohopefully i’ll be refunded. If you need to see the listing its below, just cut n paste in your browser obd,OBD,obdii,OBDii obdscantool, obd2scantool,obd software,obd scam

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