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Published: 18 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Who do these guys think they are? Heres my story: I was looking to purchase a vehicle on a popular auction website. I came across listings by Autoexpo1. I read the listings and decided to place offers on 2 of their vehicles. They came back with counteroffers, that I decided to accept. This is where everything wrong.. First let me state that I FULLY read the listing and counteroffer and I can assure you that I am educated and know how to read. I have been a retail manager for over 20yrs., so I know the rules of buying and selling. If Autoexpo responds to this and try to say I missed something in the listing, they will be lying (again). I have copies of ALL the listings and communications from them. THE FACTS: 1) Autoexpo listed the vehicles in question in classified ads, with make offer. 2) I made offers, based on the ADVERTISED price. 3) Autoexpo made counteroffers, which I accepted. At that time the listings ended and I won the vehicles. 4) I sent payments for the vehicles the next day (via certified mail) for the agreed counteroffer prices. 5) upon receiving my payment checks, Autoexpo contacted me and told me that I didnt win the listings because the counteroffer prices were monthly payment prices, not selling prices. 6) I explained to them that it is NOT stated anywhere in the listings or in the counteroffer that the price was anything other than the price listed. 7) I then started to get emails from Ronny Eitan (Director of Operations), Who insists that the listings state the monthly payment statements. 8) I asked him to show me where in the listings and counteroffer it states that he refuses. Although he does show me other listings that they posted, that do state those facts. Hes very creative!!! 9) Autoexpo then changes the listings to include the statements that they claim were in the original listings and re-list the vehicles, the same one’s that I paid for. Fortunately they cant make changes to the original listings, because they ended. 10) I have asked repeatedly for Autoexpo to release the documentation needed, so that I can register and pick-up the vehicles.. They REFUSE. I will repeat I PAID FOR THEM. So, now its time to take them to court to retrieve what I paid for. I contacted the Attorney Generals Office and I am waiting for their report. Once I have everything else I need, I will have my attorney file the civil action. They seem to think they can do whatever they want and just back out of the contracts because they are not happy with the selling prices. NOT TRUE. They entered into the contracts willingly and they received payment. All of this is 100% true and I am going to see this to the end, so that they never do this to another person. I will update here as the story proceeds…. Wish me luck!

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