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Published: 06 January 2020

Posted by: Angus Davidson

I am absolutely appalled at the way these people do business and they should be shut down. I am comtemplating going to the U.S. Embassy and worse case scenerio going to the T.V.Networks with affiliates in the U.S. I wanted to treat myself to a good Christmas present last year, as I had always been a fan of the band “The Monkees” growing up. This company had their sale on at the time and I thought great I can get a bargain. My Dad had been in Hospital with Prostate Cancer and I work two jobs to help make the ends meet. A friend of mine had said to check them out and you will get a bargain. I had purchased a signed AC/DC Guitar off them with no problems three weeks prior.I had to sign for the item and produce I.D for Australia Post before they would give me the item and I had to go to the Post Office to receive it. I had done the same thing again this time, gave them the same particulars as what Australia Post had told me to do, and I had also requested a tracking number to keep an eye on it. This thing was to be delivered to me before Christmas and I am stil waiting for it to arrive. According to them, they are saying it is Delivered! I have not signed for anything and I am still waiting for the goods.Australia Post have no record of me signing for an item or producing any form of I.D for any items either. As I have told them, please you are more than welcome to bring the Australian Federal Police in to search the property and my family and friends properties also.I do not have a Monkees Guitar for which I have worked hard for and paid . They will not respond to any more of my emails and I was dealing with a man by the name of Alex. I now realise they are Scam Persons and should be put on t.v. and refund all monies they have scammed out of people. Please get in contact with me with a Case Manager and I will send you copies of the emails between Alex and Myself . This is a Disgrace I have kept copies of some of the emails for you, I am also happy to give you an affidivit if you want to press charges. Cheers, Angus Davidson [protected]

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