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Published: 20 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I ordered L.E.D. lights from a company called AUTOLUMINATION.COM aka CTLUMINATION.COM. This company is owned by husband and wife Tracy Bacon and Chris Bacon. The lights I ordered are clearly pictured on their website and included a description that specifies they are made of stainless steel. I received these lights and could immediately tell they were made of cheap chrome plated PLASTIC. In addition, they were a different design from what was pictured on their website. The chrome was peeling off and you could see the white plastic underneath. I e-mailed the company (since this is the only way to contact them) and informed them that they were plastic and not of the same design of what I ordered. I received an e-mail back from Tracy assuring me that they were steel, not plastic, and if I was not happy to return them. I double checked the lights and responded back to Tracy that they most certainly were not made of steel since white plastic was clearly visible. I sent Tracy pictures of the lights I received and was told by her (in an increasingly snotty and rude tone) that I had received exactly what I ordered. I e-mailed her back and told her they were not of the same design and were clearly made of plastic and I would be returning them for a full refund due to deceptive advertising and not getting what I ordered. In the meantime, I had used a razor knife and shaved a small piece of plastic off of the lights to shed any doubt that they may be steel. Steel will not shave off with a razor!! A few days after returning the lights I received a confirmation e-mail stating my credit card had been refunded a partial refund. Is seems they charged me a 20% restocking fee, a $1.00 return fee, and would not reimburse for any shipping. Are you kidding me??? Outraged, I e-mailed Tracy back and demanded the rest of my money back since it was their fault that these lights had to be returned due to lies on their website. Tracy responded indicating that she had the lights I returned in her hand and they were made of steel and she disagreed with me 100% and they were as described”. I have continued to e-mail this company over and over and over again demanding my money that they stole from me with their deception and lies and I have not received any further responses what-so-ever. Owners of AUTOLUMINATION.COM aka CTLUMINATION.COM Chris and Tracy Bacon are fully aware that these lights are plastic despite the description on their website. They steal money from people who rightfully return misrepresented items and then ignore any future e-mails from them. They steal money by lying, cheating, scamming and selling poor quality lights and bulbs. Do a Google search on this company and read the many, many negative posts on message boards, forums and whistleblower websites. Tracy and Chris Bacon should be in jail for deception and thievery. They have knowingly ripped off hundreds of people and continue to do so!!

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