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Published: 31 October 2018

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Placed a silkscreening order for 150 t-shirts with this company after receiving an unsolicited email (SPAM) that came in at just the right moment when I was actually looking for their exact service. Overlooked the fact that the only reason I knew of them in the first place was because of their already unscrupulous tactics of marketing and getting new customers. I in no way shape or form ever opted into their email list. But, moving onto the the real issues. I called them and while I asked for one service, the owner convinced me to go with a different service. He spoke a good game and had convinced me he was legit and knew what he was talking about. Turns out that couldn’t have been further from the truth. I gave them a shot at a job with the clear and implicit understanding that it had to be done and in the clients hands by a March 3rd in NYC. Their company is located in southern California so this would require a 5 day ground transit, meaning they needed to be shipped out by 26th of Feb. Miguel (owner of the company) insured me multiple times that this was not a problem, and told me he would have artwork mockups of every shirt and every size by the following day. FIRST LIE (first of many). The following day artwork never came. I followed up with him, and he gave me a story about how is artist didn’t come in that day. Told me he’d have it for me the following day. Finally came 3 days later. Now let me explain the ridiculusness of the artwork; What was originally supposed to be a cut and sew job, was recommended that it be done as dye sublimation by owner, then convinced to do full color (4 color process) with discharge inks a few days later. When the artwork came (he sent me a PSD file to view) it was reduced down to a 3 color spot color job with halftones. It look absolutely terrible. He reduced a photograph down to 3 colors after pricing me on full color to cut down on his costs without telling me. After being called out on it, he reluctantly changed the artwork to 5 color (with one being the color of the shirt and him having no intentions of printing it). So in otherwords, he simply added 1 more color! Artwork still looked terrible by the way. After having him fix items on the design that they messed up in their process of trying to cheat me out of what was originally quoted, his responses became less and less. In fact, it got to a point where he simply would not return or answer my phone calls/emails. And since the phone number for the business is simply the owners cell phone (or forwards to it), I had no ability to get a hold of anyone at the company. By this time, my first deadline has come and gone. I finally receive a call from the “Account Manager” JD, who genuinely seemed as if he wanted to help. He, in his own words, told me how messed up what his boss did was, but couldn’t do anything because “he was his boss”. Through JD numerous new promises and deadlines were made again pushing back my clients in-hands-deadline by over a week costing them big money. As every new deadline approached, a new excuse was issued as to why it would not be met. The excuses got lamer and lamer! Eventually, after wasting over 2 weeks of my life and accomplishing nothing, I called in to get a tracking number as they promised to print the following day and told me they would be shipping out the following. When I asked for the tracking number, they informed me that they had not been printed and were not going to be able to do the job anymore. They offered to refund me my money but that was it. I explained to them, that having wasted that time was detrimental to the project and having to have the blank garment s shipped from there to another vendor, then dealing with the new vendors turnaround time would be way worse than them taking a few more days to complete the job if they needed it. They flat out refused to do the job. I explained how unprofessional what they were doing was and the owner yanked the phone out of the hand of his “account manager” and told me I was the reason, yelled “F* K YOU!” 3 times at me and hung up the phone. Since then, I have been unable to get a hold of them via telephone or email. They never refunded my money or returned my blank goods, which is by definition “theft”. And do not have the professional decency to return a call, give an explanation, or an apology. I for the life of me could not understand how a company of this size could be so unprofessional, but after doing a bit of research I found out why! They are NOT a large company! They are NOT a manufacturer of goods as they say on their website and marketing materials. They outsource and resell the services of a larger company. In fact, they claim to have their own in-house production facility yet a simple search of their business location will show that their “office building” location is only 1,084 sq ft (no where near enough room to have the equipment they claim to have). This is clearly shown on this website; My guess is that they do not even have the means of producing this job that they quoted and took money for. They tried to outsource it and were unable to make money so they simply bailed out on it without any remorse or guilt for doing so whatsoever. In fact, they screamed profanities at me in the conclusion of the project from their end. In summary, if you want to lose money, get a very low quality product (I can tell from their artwork), and be treated as unprofessionally as you could imagine, give them a try as I did! But don’t say I didn’t warn you that they may just be the worst company I have ever come across in my over 10+ years of business in this industry. Still yet, to get my money or blanks back. .

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