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Published: 20 May 2018

Posted by: Irvin

He claims he is an ‘ethical’ recruiter who likes to go to bed with a clear conscience. He is no more ‘ethical’ than any other recruiter. Let’s just say I ended up with a job that I don’t like, I’m not doing the kind of work that I want, and I don’t like the company. Either the recruiter was dishonest, the company was dishonest, or both. After talking with some co-workers, I determined that it was both. I emphasized a certain type of work with certain kinds of companies, and of the several interviews that I went to, only 1 did the kind of work that I wanted. One or 2 other companies had 1 or 2 projects that incorporated the kind of technical work that I like. Understand, that is no good because if the project falls through, then the employee is out of luck. The employee is going to be placed on a project that isn’t of any interest to him or her. He got me a job interview with a company that had NOTHING to do with what I was interested in. That is a waste of my time and the times of those doing the interview. Recruiters like this only get you interviews with companies that he (Ken Kirkwood) works with. The problem is, suppose none of these companies are a good fit for you? The other thing that annoyed me was when I mentioned interviews with other companies, he would have something negative to say about them or the job. Sometimes it got to a point where I think he was making up the comments (ex. I know someone who works at that company and she says she doesn’t like it). Maybe it is true, but on the other hand, it is possible he made those negative comments about those companies because he doesn’t work with them and therefore, he won’t get his fee if the client was to get a job there. The problem with recruiters like Ken Kirkwood of Automation Career Consultants is he matches you with a project, and not with the company. That is a STUPID error that many recruiters make, and someone with his ‘experience’ should know better. And don’t fall for the “I’m an ethical recruiter” nonsense. He tried to talk me into doing something that I objected to. Since he claimed he was an ‘ethical’ recruiter, why didn’t he respect my ethics? Why would he keep pushing me to do something that I had an ethical objection to? Oh, because he doesn’t care, and he wants the money! Don’t give recruiters an open door. If there is something that you prefer not to have, just say no. Don’t say you’ll consider it. Recruiters such as Ken Kirkwood have a bad habit of throwing stuff at you that you told them in the first place you weren’t interested in. I should have dropped Ken Kirkwood. What a terrible experience. He was annoying, gets way too bogged down in details and I he doen’t listen.

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