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Automax Arlington

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Published: 21 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

3 or 4 months ago I bought a used Cadillac CTS from these people. I was told before I bought how they go thru and fully inspect it and made sure all maintenence was done to ensure I get a good reliable car. WRONG! They will tell you whatever you want to hear to make you sign the papers. I bought the car on this promise and was told they would get me the missing rear reverse light covers for the back. After signing, they said no. AC wasnt working, They promised to take care of… After signing Mike (The manager) just gave me the run around. finallly paid to have it done myself. Also I noticed a few days later, it was totally missing the brake fluid cap, had the wrong power steering flood cap. And when i had the oil changed the plug was barely screwed in. Wow, great inspection! To top things off, they will not give me a copy of the paperwork i signed. When i finally demanded it or give me my trade in back. They said my car had been sold and there was nothing I could do. I still dont have my paperword 5 months later. Only got my plates and copy of my registration. About 2 months later is when it gets really crazy… I was driving down the highway when suddenly it sounded like a machine gun going off under my hood. The timing belt broke and being the was an interference engine… It was shot. I called MEI and I got a bit of runaround but then they agreed to change the engine. Took them 3 weeks and they gave me a rental car. I was told it was a rebuilt engine. They will not give me proof of that or even tell me where it came from. I had another mechanic look at it, and it apears its a just a salvage yard pullout engine due to the paint pen writing on it. I think I have a right to know what is being put in my car right? Espicially since Im paying 11,000 for it. Well, I go pick up the car when complete, drive literally 5 feet and it dies in their parking lot. Will not start. They keep it another 3 days unable to fibnd problem. I get a call from their shop manager (Jonathon) who acts like a total jerk on the phone and tells me hes done messing with it that to send a tow truck and come get it. So I called the fiannace company tell them what happend. The finally send it to a cadillac dealership. Come to find out its the computer that mounts on top of the engine. 700 bucks! They made me pay for it and said it had nothing to do with their work. It was fine when I dropped it off. Now the linkage on my transmission is all jacked up. Was when i picked it up. Also the scratched the front grill and bumber to shreds. They say thats my problem. I did research… They had to take it apart to undo the transmission to take out the engine. I really dont know what else to do. Im bound by a contract to pay for the car that refuse to give me a copy of. All I have is a bailment contract, and my registration after 5 months. If I return it im stuck with a repo on my credit and loose close to $5000 I have invested in this hunk of junk. I highly recomend staying away from this place.

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