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Published: 21 February 2020

Posted by: Justin

I posted this on [redacted], and now posting it here. In early June 2007, I am sitting online on looking for a job. I see this add from ‘Peruzzi Nissan’ which I later found out to be an ad from Automax. Things like $500/wk, $90, 000 annual earnings with no experience necessary stand out to make it seem like the dream job. Who wouldn’t want that kind of money? I applied and was emailed about a session to come in for an interview on Monday, June 11th. I was excited. I arrived at Peruzzi Nissan and met Dave Peaschek(was under the impression that this man was a Peruzzi employee, and had thought that until I got ripped off ) We do the interview thing, and he tells me to come back Wednesday for training. Ok, cool. I’m pretty much in. Why would they train me if they didn’t want me, I thought. I soon found out they didn’t want me per se, just my money. I arrive on Wednesday, along with a few other people. Dave tries to sweet talk all of us immediately about how this was a great decision for all of us and telling us how much money we will be making. Everyone was excited (who wouldn’t be?) He gives out packets and starts talking to us about the business. Half way through the day, he decides to tell us that it will cost money for us being there. He didn’t want to say how much at first, but then someone managed to get it out of him. He said $499.00. I could tell everyone was shocked and hesitant. That was outrageous. Murad, the man next to me, asked him why we have to pay so much money. Dave responded like a snake and used the analogy ‘Well, you have to get certified. When you become a car mechanic, you have to play $2500 dollars, when you become a realestate salesman..etc’ He went on with that. From that, he made it seem like the $499.00 dollars was for our sales license. If I had known otherwise, I would’ve never returned. So he went on with that gimmick, saying that if we don’t pay the money, we will never be ceritfied, and if we don’t get certified, we won’t be allowed to sell cars. I figured, hey, I’ll be making all of that money, what’s the big deal if I pay it, I’ll earn it back. The next day of training was nothing that stood out, just more of Dave’s slimey sales tactics, except he wasn’t using them to have us buy cars, he was using them to take advantage of us. The third and last day was the worst. He started collecting money from people. I gave him my check. Near the end of the day, he took me aside and gave me the ‘contract’ to sign. I asked him again if doing this will get us our sales certificate, just to be sure, because I had bed mislead before. He kept assuring me that it would. I sat there, trying to read it, and he kept using his salesman facade to get me to sign it by saying things like ‘you’ve come this far, why don’t you just sign it, and ‘Why don’t you want to sign it, Don’t you want to make all that money?’ I felt pressured, as if he wouldn’t let me not sign it, So I signed it, hoping he would shut up so I could read it, but before I got the chance, he took it from me. I was never able to read what it said, and I never saw it again until I filed a complaint with the New Jersey Office of Consumer Protection when Automax sent it to them, even though on the bottom of the contract I found it it says I am entitled to a receipt of a copy of the contract, which I never received until months later. Dave took off from the building shortly after, I never saw him again. After that, one of the employees from Peruzzi interviewed me and said I got the job. I was confused for a moment because I thought that was the whole reason I was there in the first place. At least that’s how Dave made it seem. They tell me to come in to work on the Tuesday. I did. When I get there, The manager tells us that we need to go to Harrisburg and buy our sales license or we won’t be able to sell cars. Wait a minute, I spent $499.00(money I couldn’t afford to throw away)for what I thought was my sales license, and now he wants me to go spend an additional $75.00 that I didn’t have to get something I thought I already paid for? Clearly I was mislead and screwed over. After work that day, I never went back. Dave does not return my emails or phonecalls. The owner refuses to speak to me as well. I am still trying to get my money back, but its unlikely because these people are very seedy and greedy. I am posting this here to help others avoid what happened to me; Please people, spread the word to everyone. Avoid this company like the plague. They will lie to you and mislead you, just to take money from you. They aren’t there to help you, they only want to take the money from the unemployed.

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