Automax Sales Recruiting and Training

Automax Sales Recruiting and Training

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Published: 24 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Be very wary of this company. They seem to cover their tracks well. First they post an employment ad, and act as if they’re doing the hiring and training for a certain car, or RV dealership. The ad I saw said that you would get at least $3,000 monthy when in training. So you apply online. Then you get a response from someone acting like they are from the dealership. Sure later on I looked and saw the e-mail came from someone at Automax, but the appointment setter said things like “we look forward to meeting you here”. You go to the interview, after waiting you get a very quick interview. It seems as if they “hire” 80% of the interviewees. They hold interviews on Monday, and Tuesday. Then they tell you training starts on Wednesday. They go through what the training is real quick and quickly throw in that there is a “small certificationfee” (I was thinking I thought I got paid $3k a month in training). I asked him how much it was, and he said “the dealer doesn’t want us to tell you yet, however the dealer will reimburse you “. He says to come back to the dealership at 9:30 am sharp for training. Day one of training. 9:00 am at the dealership. The “trainer” is telling the people who showed up early to go to a certain hotel becuase they are having computer problems, or the computers are being worked on. I didn’t buy it. The funny part was that he had directions printed out for all of us. I guess the compueters were working good enough to go online and print directions. I don’t even know why computer problems would’ve prevented the training. 10:00 am at the hotel, the “trainer” is very or at least acting very energetic, happy, and talks about how much the top sales people make, and how much you can make. We go through the introductions, and all the usual sales training stuff. If we ask certain questions like “how many people is the dealership hiring” we got answers like “they don’t want us to tell you”. Keep in mind there was 27 people in this “training class”. We even had a conference call with the president of Automax. He said things like we can make tons of money, and asked where we would like to fly to out of state to go on vacation, and who we would take, and why. He told us to write this down. Then he asked why we must go on vacation, and etc. Finally at about 3:00 or so the subject we all wanted to know came up. What does it cost. Out came the dry erase pen, and on the board he wrote: “$598.00”. We asked how do we get reimbursed. He says that the dealer will reimburse us after 90 days of employement. We asked several questions and he did the infamous acknowledge and ignore. He would say things like “I can’t gaurantee that all of you will get a job”. This is true, but he made it sound like we all would, or at least most of us would. Then we take a break. He would also say something like: ‘there is another dealer we work with that is hiring, but I can’t tell you who itis right now’. During the break one guy left (something we all should’ve done). Later on another guy left. Many people were getting suspecious. Day two, I woke up and decided to call the dealership and ask if they were hiring. The sales manager gets on the phone and says they are hiring and to come and fill out an application. I asked how many people they were looking for and he said “two”. Two people and this so-called trainer from Automax is telling us that he can’t gaurantee that all of us (27 people) will get hired, and that the dealer doesn’t want him to tell us how many people they’re hiring. I drove to the dealership to fill out an(other) application. I also asked the receptionist if they were having computer problems, and she said “not at all”. I also found out that they were never suppose to have the “training” at the dealership. The “trainer” probabaly said this because he didn’t want us to see that the dealer was interviewing people on their own also. I could go on for days, but I won’t. The bottom line is that dealers probabaly use Automax for this because Automax will place the ads and etc. Leaving the dealership free from all the trouble. The trainer was telling the truth when he said that he couldn’t gaurantee that all of would get hired. He also should’ve said that he couldn’t gaurantee any of us would get hired. In the long run I would bet anybody who actually interviewed with the dealership and not Automax would have a better chance. I’m sure the dealership doesn’t pay these guys (Automax). Automax must only get paid from all the suckers who need a job. The trainer went by the name “Ken Perry”. He acted like a nice guy, but it was all an act. He told us in the “training” that if you act nice people feel obligated to buy. Anyways he told so many lies and encouraged us to lie. So if any of you ladies or guys are thinking about doing one of these Automax training classes just remember that chances are you will be just throwing $600 bucks away. I decided not to go back and to keep my money. I guess if I want to waste it I could at least go buy something tangible. In the long run they aren’t recruiting like they say they are. It’s just a trick to get you to pay for their “training”.

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