AutoMax Used Cars In Killeen, TX

AutoMax Used Cars In Killeen, TX

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Published: 09 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I was looking for a PT Cruiser. I checked out the Chrysler dealship, but was too cheap to pay for a new one,(there was a $5,ooo difference between a new and a used one) so I dedcided to buy a used one from Automax and save a coule of dollars. Big mistake! Within six months of buying the vehicle, I had to get all new tires! Then I noticed that the engine light continued to come on. I took it in to be serviced, and was told that the problem was the spark plugs, and that they would be changed. Two days later, the light came back on, so I had to wait for the weekend to turn it back in. Come to find out that the spark plugs were not changed, just cleaned!!! So this time they were changed. A month later I was back in thier garage still trying to get the light fixed. To this day, no one can tell me why the light continues to come on. They checked it out, and “called” themselves fixing the problem (and charging me more money of course). But to no avail. Once you get on the premisis and they find out that you are not there to buy a new car from them, its like you don’t matter. This car is an ’06, that I purchsed in ’07. I was told that it only had one previous owner, so I felt that I was getting a good deal. Well, after the car started falling apart, I visited the website to obtain a used vehicle report (something I recommend everyone do before buying a used car). Automax was right in telling me that the car only had one previous owner, but what they failed to mention was that the “owner” was a car rental agancy! Who knows how many other people drove that car before I got it. That could also explain the many problems I’m have with it not even a year and a half later. Sometime the car won’t turn over; the alignment is off, and it pulls to the right; the check engine light STAYS on; the car stalls when trying to turn a corner at more than 5MPH; whenever I turn the AC on, the car shakes; and now, whenever I press the unlock button, it sounds like the gears are grinding. WTF Automax? I have a 3yr/100,000mile warranty, but whenever I bring my car in, it’s not covered under said warranty. Explain that to me. This weekend I will be taking my car into the Chrysler Dealership to get it checked out by professionals. I will never go back to Autmax, not even for a new car. I went to to see how much the trade-in value would be, $8,000. Too bad I still owe $13,000. I would be upside down on my payments. I know I ranted a long time, but I am trying to save someone else from getting screwed like I was. Apparently my friend had the same problem (with the check engine light), and traded hers back in. I wish I would have known that before I purchased my lemon. Once I get the balnce down to it’s trade-in value, I will trade it in so that I can break even. My next vehicle will be a Honda CR-V (new) Essence Killeen, TexasU.S.A.

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