automobile acceptance corporation manager winston james

automobile acceptance corporation manager winston james

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Published: 09 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Well, my husband and I purchased an suv from automobile accepatance in riverdale. We were offered great deals. One being a $400 reward for on time payments. We were told ways of making the payments, online being convient. Well we chose the online method. After we mhad met the criteria, we thought, my husband eagerly goes to have his radio done. They log in our info and says ” oh you don’t qualify.” We called riverdale. They informed us that the payments were considered late because we paid online and are not posted til the next day. What a blip! Well that passes and things go good for a while. We have a bad week and pay a note a few days later. From then on it has been a screw up assignment to make payments and they post correctly. I will try to explain our lastest issue. The reason for this letter. My credit union advised me to pay through our site because of the previous issues. They, not at my knowledge,use a third party. Apayment was to be made the 17th of Dec. 2011,never sent. Told to sent on Dec. 23rd 2011, never received. I now receive a call again from a rep for ACC. I handle it by paying the questioned payment for Dec. 17, 2018 on Dec. 30, 2018 :and, also the payment that would be due Dec. 31, 2011. A total of $473 plus $33 late fee. A total of 3 late payments of $11 each. My car note is $220 bi weekly. I paid two car notes, $440, three late fees, $33 and $4 processing fee. a total of $477. I go online 1/14/2018 to make a payment. The site would only accept $120 + $3 processing fee. ithought maybe we overpaid or something? Well I get a call that it was wrong. I go back to correct it by paying the other $100. The site says I owe the full $220. I call and ask “where is my $120? The nitemare starts here!!!! No one seems to understand my issue. The manager Winston James says “he won’t talk with me cause he doen’t like my tone and hangs up!!! Mrs Mack was doing all she could to understand what happened to the funds but after no success, she then put her supervisor on the phone. No resolution and his response caused us to make the visit to the office. I am refering to winston James, who is now too busy to come out to explain or try to assist us. We were told someone would contact us after going over it all. It is now 11:30pm and I am sitting here writing you. After I see your web site on their site being described as a site people use to tell lies. Wow I didn’t their name ther but it should be. Maybe people just didn’t know about you like I didn’t; atleast, not until I did everthing I could on their site to reach someone for help. Even tried finding the founder Mr. Jerry D. Smith. bet he doesn’t know what he has in charge at his company.

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