Automobile Laptop Mounts - OWNER RAY RANTE

Automobile Laptop Mounts - OWNER RAY RANTE

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Published: 14 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

After ordering a custom laptop mount for my vehicle from I called several days later to check if my order had shipped. Upon speaking with a seemingly cracked soaked, over talkative, overtly friendly woman named Mary,I was told that she could not find my order. She immediately upsold me to a more expensive model called the Bronze, and advised me that she was going to double check on the order and call me in 1/2 hour to confirm shipment. Two days later I called her, and when politely questioned her as to why she did not call me back she apologized. When I again asked what was the reason that she did not pay me a courtesy phone call back she hung up on me. I immediately called back and went into voicemail on the next 4 call-back attempts, and on the fifth try got some lunatic named ‘Ray’ on the phone with a heavy, and very annoying East coast accent. I asked him if he knew why I was calling, and he lied by saying no. When I explained to him why I was calling he then accused me of telling his 100 call a day secretary Mary of going to hell, of which never happened but, she used that excuse to her boss to hang up on me, and get him on the telephone. Upon hearing that blatant lie, and saw that I was dealing with another horrible internet company I asked him to cancel the order. He said,’ fine just don’t accept it.’ Before he could finish I hung up on him in frustration.30 seconds later ‘Ray’ calls me back and asked me if I had just hung up on him. After informing him that I did he literally screamed into the phone that nobody does that to him, and that he was going to get me for fraud. Before I knew it we were yelling over each others voices, and I hung up on him again. 5 minutes later he calls back, and the first words out his mouth were,’ look a***ole.’Once again we started our screaming match over, and once again I hung up on him. Barely audible over my own voice were the words of a raving lunatic accusing me of fraud,sreaming profanitys,and other incoherent accusations. Keep in mind that I had known this man all of 10 minutes, and he was ready to go to fists if were we in the same room together. I once again hung up on him not wanting to ruin my day. 10 minutes later Ray once again calls back trying to verify my home address. and that he was trying to track a package from some fictitious delivery company. When I chastised him for acting like a child and impersonating someone else I asked him if he thought that I was stupid. His answer was verbatim,’Yea,I think that you’re a dumb m***** f***** so what. I told him that his next call was going on the web and that I was filing a police report. Thus far he has called back once again right before this complaint to harrass my wife, by attempting to solicit private information for a web search to be used against me. I have it all on tape. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Raymond Fountain Hills, ArizonaU.S.A.

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