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Published: 29 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I brought my car to Boes auto body hoping to solve an issue of power loss when the car heats up to operating temperature. He looked to see what was wrong with my car, and he requested to keep my car for an additional day. Before he concluded the phone conversation he said thathe is going to replace 2 components and flush out my gas tank, he quoted me $630 parts and labor. I agreed to his quote, and waited throughout the day to hear back fromhim. He calls me and says that there is minimal improvement and said verbatim I had to give you a stage 1 tune to hold more boost. I was excited, because I thought he solved my cars problem. When I arrived at his auto body, I was expecting $630 + tax, however I was shocked to see that the final bill was $1544 after taxes! He added several chargesthat I did not authorize over the phone, and I would have refused them because it was far too expensive. He nonchalantly slides me the bill and when I said to him that I was not expecting this repair to be this expensive, he said verbatim neither did I, but I gave you a new computer right out of the box. I charged it to my charge card, and slept on it for a couple of days. I decided to share my experiences on an online forum and the fellow members, my wife, and my friends urged me to dispute the charges. Before I did that, I called Boe to explain why I was suspicious. He said that he doesnt know what work needs to be done until after his inspection. I pleaded with him and told him that he should see it from my point of view that it was a huge sticker shock for me to think that Iwas going to pay $630, but ended up paying $1544 instead. He apologized profusely and said that he would give me a break for when Ibring my car in for performance tuning, he said that he would contact me some time next week. I waited patiently by the phone to see if he actually going to call me. Unfortunately, I did not receive a single phone call or an attempt by Boe and his auto body. I decided to fight the charges, and after a review with my charge card company, they decided that the merchant did indeed charge me correctly. Many people asked me why I signed the receipt without demanding answers from Boe about the 145% increase above the quoted price. The reason why is because Boe is very unapproachable in my opinion, he is very rough around the edges, short and to the point, and he will tell you exactly whats on his mind, even if it involves cursing. Whenever Ispoke to him, I always felt intimidated by his presence. When my charge card company told me that they will not go further, I decided to seek legal actions. I consulted with a lawyer, who said thatI should file a small claims complaint through the local district courtof where the auto body is located. I saw the complaint form and it says that I should make sure that I have exhausted all of my resources before pursuing small claims. I mustered all of my courage to speak with Boe, to ask for a refund for the unauthorized charges. He simply told me no, and he added that he solved my problems. I told him that I was still experiencing the loss of power. I told Boe that he is very passionate about what he does, but my only hang up is that he did not attempt to contact me to authorize the extra charges. He agrees to pay me back $400 and I could keep the computer. I promptly told him that Im not out to scam anybody, and I will give him the computer for $400. In all honesty, the reason why I offered the computer back is because Iwanted to gauge his response and see if he tells me to keep it. Later that week, I went to Boes auto body with my wife and friend. My wife waited outside, while my friend and I walked inside to trade thecomputer for $400. This next portion is purely subjective, but it seemed like my friend and I waited for about 5 minutes before he noticedus. He paced back and forth in clear view of us without acknowledging us. When he saw us, the only words spoken to me was Whats your last name? He printed out a receipt, acknowledging that I am returning the computer for $400. He wrote a check, signed it, and gave it to me.Here is the thread that I started in a Saab forum that I belong to.

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