Automotive Training Center

Automotive Training Center

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Published: 21 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Automotive training center is a total ripoff, I am an IT professional by profession, I wanted to learn Automotive technology specially the Electrical and automotive computers and also wanted to go fast track plus wanted evening classes, I searched lot of training centers but could not find any that suits my requirements, Finally went to ATC in Toronto Canada, they have good facility and nice lab setup, they charge about 8000 for 6 months of auto-mechanic training.I got enrolled thinking that learning auto-mechanic would be a good start towards achieving my goals, but it turned out to be total disaster, total waste of money and time.They follow a some auto mechanics book though out the course, The instructors are experienced mechanics but they knows nothing about teaching, what they do is when the class starts the instructors would start with power point presentation and dictates whatever is projected on the projection screen and than without explaining anything would ask the students to write down and copy word by word on our notepad, so from the total lecture time which is from 6 pm to 10 pm, the student spends three and a half hour in copying the power point slides and half hour in break. this goes on thought out 6 months. NO Practical Labs at all!!!There are practical lab days, but there are no lab books or lab instructions or exercises to follow based on the topic being taught , the teacher would ask randomly all students, which students want to bring there cars in the lab to fix something or atleast change oil, the teachers would then ask the students to work on our own cars for what ever issue we have, mostly wechanged oil in the practical labs…..thats it!!When we ever complained or asked for proper lab books or proper in class training and topic explanation, the management use to come up with false promises and stupid excuses, that we should not worry about theory we can learn more in the lab or once we are in the field we can do all what we want to do and learn from experience, (How Stupid …. )In the end I would say beware and don’t fall into their excellent marketing trap, they are full of lies and s**t … I wasted around 10K CAN Dollars which includes tuition fee and the tools they asked us to buy….. just go for some big colleges or schools they charge the same and some of them charge even lot less but there quality of training is excellent simplybecause they are answerable to someone, this RIPOFF private college is not answerable to anyone and i guess they don’t care …….I wasted my time and money and just learned to change oil and tires, Pease pleasebe safe and dont fall into trap….. most of the students I know from my batch are complaining as well and dont know how many other have suffered, why people dont complain about this college, because half of the students in the class are on IE or second carrier program where they dont have to pay anything its all free for them, and they dont care as well.Yes they will ask you to check them for the first week or even a month, don’t fall into this trap because as soon as this period is over your fu*ked….Signed:[email protected]

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