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Published: 18 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

PROMISED A BUYER, TOTAL SCAM Complaint On Dec 2nd I received a call from AutomotiveUSA. They got my name from a car add I was running. Thesales personsaid he had a buyer that was financed and approved for a specifiedamount of moneyby them. For $300 promised to have the buyer call me within 5 days and Guaranteed that this mythical buyer would purchase my car for the amount he was approved for, $19,900. I made him use the words, promise and guarantee. I received no call from a buyer. The salesman would not return my six calls. Automotive USA is a total scam.DO NOT USE! / BEWARE! rumor has it they’ve changed their name 6 times in the last 5 years! This isn’t a REAL company! Don’t be fooled – – Here’s the Truth….Well the first thing you would do is get a website built where you can advertise vehicles. This part of the process is actually pretty cheap in itself. You can simple post the required job on a freelance gig board if you dont know very slightly advanced web design yourself. They have a ton of desparados in countries like Pakistan that will do it for pennies on the dollar. Next you would have to score your prospects. The cheapest and most unethical way would be to scrape numbers off of the likes of auto trader magazine, craigslist,, and other competitive sources. Then you would assign these phone numbers to telemarketers. To cover this expense and not actually have to pay anything for labor,all you have to do is make sure you pay these people on a commission only structure. So no real cost there. The only major expenses would be minimal infrastructure (telephones, booths, a few desks and computersmaybe even some crappy furniture and some ugly fake plants, a good supply of coffee, etc.). Also you would run ads to attract as many people as possible to call and recall the numbers that you scraped (ill gotten gains). Likely one of the more costy start up expenses. Your business model would revolve around targeting folks who are not having much luck selling their cars, trucks, heavy equiptment, boats, yachts, vehicles, and suvsat some of the best sources out there and getting them to accept the misconception that it is a very easy and practical to increase the price of your vehicle. You point out to them pre-laid keywords (bait) in paid advertising on the likes of Yahoo! as you guarantee to them that their keyword placement will also be within the top 3 positions with Search Engine Optimisation. As you also do not inform the victims that what you are actually doing is purchasing Pay Per Click advertising from the likes of Yahoo! instead. This has nothing to do with Search Engine Optimisation. This is done while not informing the end customer that their vehicle will only be assigned the most insignificant term possible that hardly anyone would likely type in anyway. This is because these are the absolute cheapest search terms that could be found. This would be a term like ford f150. Naturally you do not want to spend any meaningful amount on actually advertising the vehicle as you claim. This is due to the fact that as a scammer you do intent to make serious money of this alledged not-for-profit advertising charge. Certainly not off the back end with shipping and finance charges as you claim because the simple fact is you are not expecting your actual sales ratio to be profitable for that back endyou wont be selling enough cars to make money of those sectors, and the beauty is you dont have to! Naturally, being a slightly intelligent scammer you know these misdeeds will not go unnoticed. To drown out complaints from blogs, consumer advocate, and extortion sites like; you must buy various domain nameswith your companys name in it and post them with almost meaningless content on the internet. This way if anyone does type your firms name in any one of a number of variations, less complaints are likely to show up in the search results. The finer details can be figured out as you go along. Heck, you dont even have to start out as a proper business entity of any kind. Now all you have to do is wallow in cash and figure out a way to sleep at night. Thats not so difficult now is it? Sadly, eventually, there will be someone who is uncorruptable. Who will come along and write the truth. Someone who has the know-how and fortitude to remain vigilant and ensure the truth is available for those who are willing to look for it. Someone who makes backups and promises to aid their fellow man in exposing what is not always seen by everyone for what it appears to beleast at first. This is the lure of the use of deception to gain. A form of evil itself incarnate. – SCAM! Do the right thing and confess your betrayal and usary of your fellow man. Turn yourselves in to the proper authorities and make ammends for what you have done to innocent victims and society.

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