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Published: 01 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I really cannot even begin. And I really don’t have time to be filing a report like this. Unfortunately, that’s why fraudulent companies like this get away with their lies. My family and I had a number of posts on Craigslist, trying to sell some autos and boats. Out of the blue, we were contacted by a Automotive USA representative. If you know anything about the company, or have read any of the other reviews, then you know the truckload of lies that they feed a potential client. Well, they don’t deliver on any of them. I even tried to dispute the transaction with my bank, but “Manager” Mike Mikowski wrote a letter full of lies back to the bank, defending their service. Finally, we bugged them so much that they promised to refund us all the money if vehicles were not sold within 60 days. Fine. Well, 60 days expired. Guess what – no answers at any number. No, I called so many times, and never an answer. Finally, we dug around the Internet and found some numbers that led back to them. A rep who gave her name as “Jessica Jameson” promised to return my money within a few days. Sure… I called back after a few days, since I had not heard a word. Well, “Ms. Jameson” promised the check was being mailed. I called a week later – no Jessica Jameson. And this time, it was going to take a month or two. Not acceptable. Again, I was promised to receive the check in the mail within the week. Yeah, well, no. It is past that week, and I have yet to see anything in the mail. As a matter of fact, I called again today. No answer at first. But, persistence. Again, I am told that the process takes at least 30 days. Not acceptable. I’m going to the DMV. Lawyer. Whoever. Blogs like this. People, listen. Do not go to Automotive USA. They need to be shut down. Please deprive them of your business – let them rot. They are a horrible business that does not deserve the rest of our hard-earned money. Do not make the same mistake I did. Services, you ask? Well, so many printed media. So many websites. Fielding of all calls. Financing. Best price for your items. Customer Service? None. Not once they have your money. Read up. The reviews are true. Don’t think you’ll be the exception. Oh, and, yes… Mike Mikowski. This is the name of the guy that we worked with. Liar. Supposedly the name of the owner is Jeff Schwartz. And they are affiliated with TraderNet, or are one in the same. As another reviewer has mentioned, all of these practices facilitate fraud. For example, the same company posts many different websites, in order to evade the watchful eyes of wary consumers. Liars. Steer clear.

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