AutoNation Dodge of Grand Prairie

AutoNation Dodge of Grand Prairie

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Published: 23 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

My experience with the service department at Autonation Dodge Grand Prairie was straight out of hell. They do not return calls and if you do get a service tech, they lie to you. They will tell you your vehicle is guaranteed to be finished on a certain day, and don’t bother to let you know they didn’t get to it, you find out when you arrive. They would rather insist a problem doesn’t exist, instead of taking the time to find out what is wrong. I had noises in the engine that sounded like a lifter, service tried to say it was the ac cycling and that no other noises existed. When asked if they had let the truck run and warm up, I was told they didn’t have the time. Left the dealership, and on the way home stopped at a full service station, asked the service manager to listen to my engine, he suggested I get it into the dealership. Took 6 days to change the battery and oil. Service told me it was because one of their techs had a heart attack and died while working on my truck. You don’t tell people that. It may have been true, but why didn’t they just say they had an unexpected death, or something, don’t try to use something like this to make the customer feel guilty for calling to check on their vehicle. CA Fort Worth, Texas

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