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Published: 31 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Company delivered auto cover which proved defective after first use. Company authorized return at my expense and promised refund. I followed their detailed RMA instructions to the letter. After about three months, Company claimed failure not due to defect and gave me the option to have it returned or repaired. I authorized repair. I paid for repair. Cover was returned unrepaired with a note saying repair had not been authorized. Cover was returned to former address, 800 miles from current home, although company had written instructions for new address. Company refused to refund original purchase price and/or incorrectly billed repair charge. Process took four months with numerous emails, delays, and two telephone calls. I am out nearly two hundred dollars and still do not have physical possession of the defective cover as it is with the landlord of my home formerly rented. I likely would not have used this company had I first checked the Internet for consumer complaints. They are numerous with similar problems, especially non-responsive customer service. Tim ColombesFrance

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