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Irresponsible bastards

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Published: 17 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Want to buy a new car? Sure but not from Autoplex BMW. Why? They are fucking losers and will never be on time with anything. The reasons for the delay or any misconduct are so lame that you will laugh at yourself or would want to kill yourself. These bastards market themselves as some kind of experts in car sales but my experience is a totally different one. MY EXPERIENCE WAS AWFUL!! I usually do not post reviews or encourage negative posts but this experience made me do this too.
I was planning on buying a BMW and their dealership comes in my way when I go for the office. I did not go through a lot of research and stuff. I went to them 8 months ago for a meeting with the head or someone responsible for the deals and I was asked to visit again after one week. Their executive was out of town. I visited the place again as I was asked but again the meeting was delayed for a week and now the executive had some leaves for personal reasons. Until this moment, I was not even curious about the delay. I could only feel anxiety among the staff members. They were unable to guide me properly as to exactly how long will it take for the meeting to be held or anything, just a genuine and acceptable reason would have done it. The third visit was a little bit better like the representative was able to guide me exactly and took all the necessary details. It had been a month and I did not receive any calls and then I called them. Being unanswered on calls I visited the place and they had forgotten to call me and let me know that the executive had given them the meeting plan. That plan had a customer meeting section which had my name too. During the meeting, there was no finance officer just the sales executive who did not know what to tell me exactly so that I confirm the purchase. The paperwork demanded a week as said by the salesperson. I was fine with it and visited the next week but the papers were not there. I was at their office at 3 pm with my mom and waited till 9 pm for the paperwork. There was no bill or anything financial statement attached. Upon questioning them they said, “you were in a rush so we could only prepare these papers and any financial document will be attached after two to three days.” I called for a follow-up but there was no response from them. Well, the car was delivered on time and it was now time to pay the dues. Since they did not have any signed document regarding that, they charged me as they liked to. I asked for a detailed statement which could not be issued by them and I had to pay what they demanded of me. People at this place have a very irresponsible and casual attitude. I would highly recommend that DO NOT BUY CARS FROM THEM.

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