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Published: 27 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We feel Customer has left out some extremely important key details in his narrative. | Where to begin?? | June 25th, customer requested a quote for two vehicles, possibly three. One was an SUV which our trained coordinator qualified with the customer about height, running condition, etc. NO MENTION OF HIS REQUEST FOR 3-5 CAR HAULER. | June 26th, customer places his order online. When placing an order online, the terms and conditions of the contract must be accepted to place the order. Contract clearly states that we do not guarantee any specific driver/carrier. Customer also adds the note when placing the order online of his request to have a 3-5 car hauler. This was the FIRST time that we been made aware of his outrageous requests. First available release date had been set for July 20th. | Fast forward to 11 days later. | July 8th. Customer sends us an email questioning the contract and specifically the part about specific driver/carrier. Seriously?? Customer read the contract 11 days ago BEFORE he placed the order online, then makes an unreasonable request when he places the order, and NOW he wants to question it?? | Our agents explained to him that his request for a 3-5 car hauler to transport cross country is not going to happen. 3-5 carrier are local carriers that transport within state or at best state to state. They do not have the required permits for each state to travel across the country, besides the fact that it is not cost effective for them to transport cross county. | July 16th. Four days BEFORE his first available release date, we secured the best available carrier for pickup exactly on his first available date. We notified the customer, and the customer refused to accept this assignment stating it was his request to have a 3-5 car hauler. AGAIN, it was explained why we are not able to accommodate his request, and that this was his best option. Customer not only refused this, but also now informs us that one of the vehicles has an oil leak and it has to go on top?? SERIOUSLY? He wants us to transport a vehicle that knowingly leaks fluids, and he wants it to go on top so it can potentially damage other vehicles?? You get the picture now of what kind of unreasonable and demanding person with which we are dealing. | July 17th. The carrier we had assigned was informed of the situation, and graciously agreed to transport the vehicles, even the one with an oil leak, but it had to go on the bottom rack. Customer reluctantly agreed, and then started making more demands, that these be the ONLY 3 cars on a 6-8 car hauler, but he was not willing to pay for the 3 empty spots on the carriers truck! SERIOUSLY?? | July 18th. Two days before scheduled pick up, customer calls to inform us that there will now only be two cars. Never mind the fact that the carrier has reserved three spots on his truck, and turning down other offers because he had reserved those 3 spots, the customer does not seem to care about anyone but himself and his contemptible demands. | July 20th. The scheduled day of pickup, the customer calls again, and now wants to transport the original 3 cars!! UNBELIEVABLE!! Fortunately the carrier was not able to find another vehicle, and still had room on this truck. | AutoStar and its customer service and dispatch team did an amazing job of overcoming the constant obstacles Mr. Miller seemed determined to place in their path – Sofia saved Mr. Miller & 036;300 off of her quoted price – despite having agreed to a 1-5 day window of pickup, he suddenly changed his mind, demanding at the last minute that he receive an expedited pickup with only a 1 day window, for which HE DID NOT pay an expedited price- indeed, he did not even pay the normal rate for transport. | As for the carrier, if there was a communication issue, we would have been happy to handle it. However, the pickup location in the hills of Ladera Ranch is a closed neighborhood on a dead-end street, as can be seen in Google maps. Again, as explained to him, certain neighborhoods may have weight restrictions or may not be navigable for trucks this size, in which case he would have to meet the carrier in a place conducive to loading. Furthermore, this is the first we have heard of the alleged scrapes to his tailpipe. If this had happened, why did he NOT note it on the bill of lading and contact us to begin a claim? | Mr. Miller, we wish you the best at your new residence, and should you need this service in the future, please do not contact us! Thank you!

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