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Published: 03 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

In April of 2016 I filed for bankruptcy. Before I recieved my charge off an auto dealer sent me a letter in June 2009, stating that they recieved my name from a bankruptcy report and that they wanted to help me get into a new car. They stated because of my recent bankruptcy they had a program especially for people just like me who previously had bad credit, they wanted to offer me a chance to rebuild my credit. At the time I owed a 1991 Chrysler New Yorker; they offered me an opportunity to get rid of a car that would cost me alot in repairs and would constantly need repair for a car that I could rely on worry free. However that was not the case, Autotrakk ask for car payments of 101.00 per week so thats 404.00 to 505.00 in car payment per month depending on how many weeks in a month. They gave me a 2016 Chevy Aveo for that amount every month they charged me 15,000.00 for the car plus interest charges whiich came to a 4 year plan plus 2,763 owed at the end of terms of 208 payments. They promised me that with in 18 months of paying my car on time that I could come back and get into another car that would not be a lease. In the the first 6 months of having the car I had to replace the tires which coast me 370.00 I had to replace the headlight light bulbs twice on 1 side and once on another side at 40.00 each time. The car handle on the driver side broke off withint the first week of having the car. originally they offered me a car that would be worry free in repairs because it is a new car, however along with my car payment every month I’m putting out cash for repairs. When I called to complain to Autotrakks that told me that it was a used car and that’s what you had to do for a used car. After 18 months into the least I wanted out! but it was not so easy to get out as it is to get in. The car dealership lead me on to beliving I could get out of the least at any time after 18 months but that wasn’t so true because it was throught Autotrakks. No car dealership wants to deal with Autotrakks when buying out a car on a lease. Autotrakk targets people who have had bad credit or bankruptcy and lock them into a contract that they cannot get out of and at rediculous price that is way to much for the car that needs constant repair. The Autotrakk credit rebuilder program is set-up for people to fail.

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