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Published: 10 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I brought my Honda in to find out why the transmission was making an odd sound. Other than the sound, the car ran excellent with no mechanical problems. I dropped the car off and then it started. I kept getting a series of phone calls from them about other unrelated items. They claimed the car wouldn’t start from the spot I parked it in and then magically another call about another item suddenly failed. Hmmmm. They made it sound like all these things were happening magically with the car just parked. yeah, sure. I just started my shift at work or I would have went down in person and raised hell. I couldn’t believe all the stuff I was hearing on the phone. I was at work and 65 miles away, all I could do, since it was my only car and I needed back badly, was to OK the repairs. Not for what I took it there for in the first place, but for all the stuff that just suddenly failed. It’s an excellent car and it’s always started, until I took it to AUTOWAVE AND MAGICALLY, IT WOULDN’T START. I’ve worked on cars and know a lot about Honda cars, but the transmission was beyond what I know how to repair. Anyway, It’s amazing how parts just fail when you take a car in for something else, isn’t it? What a total scam. They never really found the noise was, but gave me a quote that was off the charts in price for a transmission repair. I told the guy ” It’s a Honda, how can it be that expensive??? His reply” Well, we’re the best”. Sorry, you’re NOT the best and far, far from it. I did have to pay hundreds of dollars for unrelated stuff that magically happened when I dropped the car off and left with the problem I drove in with. NICE, ISN’T IT. The transmission was rebuilt by another place and I’ve never had a problem with the car since and I’ve drive it 50K without any problems at all. I would not suggest to friends, family or co-workers take their Honda or Acura there. I totally felt ripped off. Thank you. Tim Huntington Beach, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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