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Published: 29 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

i was puposely sold a car that was a known lemon car by there dealership and they knew about it. there salesman told me the car was clean, had a clear history, but that he didnt know the owner when i asked him. i was scammed by there finance manager too as he lied to me, saying i needed extra coverage with my loan in order to get approved and the bank told him that. i bought the car which it had an autoway warranty with dan marino supporting it, this warranty said that if i thought something was wrong with the car that autoway would take it back with no problems about it in 3 days or so many miles. the first day i had the car i could tell the transmission was bad and the more i drove it the worse it got. i took it back within the time limts and miles, but they refused to honor the deal. the main office personal including the manager refused to see me. i stayed there one day till they closed, 14 hours, and by the time i left there i think i suffered a mild heart attack as i was very sick and upset. as it turns out through my investigation, the car had been owned by a female employee who was working that day when i brought it back. the car had been serviced with them many times and was on its second transmission and now acting like it needed a third one. now, they said they would let me trade up, but thats all they would do for me, so i did because they said there would be no overcharge from the first lemon. well, as it turns out they lied again because they did carry over the negative balance and added it to my second vehicle that i was supposed to get a break on, but didnt. this whole mess caused me to have a mild heart attack, lose the lady i loved as i just retired to florida , and my new retirement state because now they have my retirement budget so messed up i have to leave florida and go live in a very low cost state. i told the ftc, florida better business buera, attorney generals office and they all told me the same thing in a round a bout way….florida is a big state for selling cars and they werent doing anything to hurt the auto businesses because there big business for the state. i also called tampa bay federal credit union and notified them when this first happened but they refused to co-operate. guess what, i find out later the second car they sold me has the wrong vin number which by most states laws make it an illegal business transaction, ….not in florida anything shady or illegal is ok in this state and no one again would help me. bottom line now is that i could not keep up with the payments but i tried, so now the car has been voluntarily repo-ed. im here to tell you all that honesty and being a good person did not pay off in my case. ive suffered very much and lost alot of money, plus have no car, for the thieves that did this illegal business practices with me and also predatory banking practices. i hope that all the shady people involved in this case that did this to me, die a slow death of cancer.

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