AutoZone #1308

AutoZone #1308

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Published: 12 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Dear Sir/Madam, I purchased a defective Duralast Gold battery and returned it on 10/3/08; within 9 months of the 8 year warranty at Store #1308. I received poor customer service from Phillip Easterbrook. His replies to my concerns replacing the defective battery, which could not start my car, were not only received with resistance, but also with arrogance, cockiness, rude, and unsympathetic behavior. He said he had to charge the battery to perform a load test and didn’t want to lose the store 100 doallars. I had no choice but to leave the battery. I called the District Manager, Jackie at 713-643-9494, Autozone District Office, 6629 Telephone, Houston, TX, whereby I had to leave a message with her secretary. Later, the store manager, Shawn (#1308) called with a rationale why the battery needed to be charged for a load test. I returned to see the load test, which was shown as a “pass”. My complaint is that charging the battery to perform a load test only yeilds a false positive and masks the defective nature of the battery. I explained this to Manager Shawn and he strongly disagreed with my concerns. Thus, I told him, what if this happens again and I cannot start my car, because the battery is defective for the same reason I am here? His reply is that the problem lies with my car. In other words, I am on my own and he cannot help me out. Therefore, what he is saying, is that I have lost 100 dollars, a battery, and my car is inoperative. Listen, I have not received any plausible answers. To me this sounds like a scam. I know that my car is in good condition and the problem is not my fault. So the store manager theorizes with unknown anomalies as justification to turn a customer away. Also, I see that they played the “bad cop” and “good cop” routine in order for me to leave the store without a replacement. This is not good business practice. I, as a customer in good faith had purchased a battery with my hard earned money, and in good faith, I was returning the battery for a replacement; within the warranty period. I didn’t want a refund, just a replacement. Now, with this game playing with my time & money, I want a refund. The problem lies with the district manager who did not handle this problem herself with expediency and with your store# 1308, who promotes bad customer service; a manager who does not want repeat customers by providing a “pass” to his employee(s) who turn away customers. Therefore, what Autozone is telling me is that I bought a useless, defective, expensive battery, and are directly misleading customers with their “warranty.” Please advise CC Ripoff Scams Better Business Bureau Alberto Houston, TexasU.S.A.

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