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The place had a extremely bad vibe to it from the very start

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Published: 20 May 2019

Posted by: Martin

This is my first time writing a review online. I’m not a very critical person but I had to share my experience at Autumn Dental with all of you. I recently moved to this neighbourhood and I was looking for a good dental ortho clinic. Just like 90% of the people, I Googled “best dental clinic near me” and Autumn Dental popped up on the top. It had an awesome rating and I was shocked to see a business with a 5-star rating on Google Maps. Of course, I didn’t know that most of the ratings were fake, but at that time this fact didn’t come to my mind. I immediately called them and booked an appointment. I was feeling mild pain in my molars and wanted to get them checked out. I have been taking good care of my oral health, I brush every single day and floss before bed. My appointment was at 7:00 PM and I reached the clinic at 6:30 to avoid getting late. However, when it was the time for my appointment, the receptionist told me that the doctor has left and I would have to come to some other day. It was frustrating because I came 30 minutes early to make sure that I don’t get late and after making me sit for 30 freakin minutes, she simply told me to go back and get an appointment “sometime later”. I didn’t say anything to her and booked an appointment for the next day for 4:30 PM. I had to go to a very important meeting at 8:00 PM and as usual, I came in 30 minutes early to the clinic. This time I didn’t have to wait and the doctor called me in, he was very distracted the whole time and it was making me uncomfortable because he was using some heavy tools to do the examination ( No one wants a heavy tool to drop in their mouth). After the examination, he told me that I have 7 cavities and I will need to get them treated as soon as possible. I was in disbelief because my teeth looked perfectly healthy and if I had SEVEN cavities then I would be dying in pain. He told me that I will have to get 7 root canals and crowns, which by the way, is fucking expensive. I felt like he was trying to defraud me, so I went to a different ortho clinic to get a second opinion. This ortho was very nice to me and did a thorough examination. He told me that I don’t have 7 cavities although there is one yellow tooth, it can be cured by a simple polishing. He asked if he can do the polishing and after I said yes, he made my teeth as good as they can get. Autumn Dental was trying to scam me and steal my money. I would never recommend anyone to go there.

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