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Published: 30 September 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

My mom put her boyfriend in Autumn Health care center at 17 Forry st. Newark,ohio 43055, where Marsha Link and Steven Hitchens owns, and he’s been abused/neglected for a year now. His name is Walter Schmeltzer. He’s 80 and it seems if you have to much money your in trouble in this Nursing home. They have opening said they want his homes. He had 9 of them. It was to be rehap and he get right out and go home again when he hurt his hip. What a lie..In fact, hardly anyone gets out of this plACE. They always say they are out of their hard and take anyones homes away. For a year Walters has been theit. He has not been allowed a walked to walk and has layed n his own waste. They stopped all people from seeing him. He had a girlfriend, my mom for 5 years. But because she tried to help him mom’s not allow to see him. They have hit him, yelled at him and he told he people in war camps get treated better. They tell everyone Walter does not want to see people but Walter told me and my family he would love to see people. He’s lost alot of wt. because they do not gave him much to eat. They gave him many pills to keep him confused and make him do what they want him to do. If we had known this place was so bad we would had never put Walter in it. Am trying to find a lawyer to sue them and help Walter because they told 6 news that they keep Walter alone to protect him from people who steal his money. But the only people who took Walters money was his kids and Newark,ohio’s probarte court sides with the kids who take the elders money and do not help the elderly. Its very sad when a healthcare center just takes over peoples lifes. Walter was at Flint Ridge 3 days before we put him for rehap at Autumn and Flint Ridge said walter was in his right mind and just needed to heal. So how does someone lose their mind in 3 days..? Do not put anyone in Autumn because they will be abused and neglected and held prisoner. You always lose your homes at this place. My kids tell me that grandpa, Rev. Tom Snedeker was at this place and it took all the Snedeker boys to get him out because they would not let him out. I have listened to many storys where people talk about having to escape. Sergeant Webster told told my son kids can do anything they want to their father. But thats very sad that kids can make they father stay in a nursing home until he dies. This place will work with the grow kids to keep fathers and mothers prisoners so the kids can take the homes. So in this country when you get old your kids or just a Nursing home like this one can say your out of it. In Walters care, when he was still healing up, and take your life away. That’s like communison…!!! or euphansia. I thought we was the USA. But if Nursing can take peoples life like this place. Then we are not a free nation..!! Are we..? We have went to State Borads, obusdman, grov. the white house. Cops and lawyers.But so far Walter stays a prisoner and we can not see him. They say he get upset when people see him. But he told me he is very lonely and wants to see people and miss’s mom so much. He says they brain wash him all the time. Saying, over and over again “you love it here! Don’t you Walter..?? They tell him he owns the place and he has no one. Just all kinds of lies. When in truth we would be glad to take care of Walter and he has 9 homes and could easyly go home with some help and Newark has 6 home care places. And me and mom are home care aids. Now Walter just sits looking out the windom day after day as this place takes everything away from him. Please don’t put anyone in this nightmare of a place. For it is not a good place at all. This Marsha Link will do anything to take peoples money and homes. She has lied about us and to 6 news. The owner Steven Hitchens lied to 6 news saying they keep him a prisoner to protect him from people who steal his money. Saying we did this. But am a Minister and all me and my mom does is help churches. It was only Walters kids who took around $200.000 from his home and wallet and two truck loads of Walters things from his home. No one else…!! But this is what they tell everyone who trys to find out why Walter is held prisoner. I talked to 10 people who said they went to this place and could not get out without a fight. Most lost the homes. Maybe this is how the owner got well off. I use to think Nursing homes was just to help us. Now I see them as a Scam..!! Taking people for all they can get and not caring for the people at all.!!! Don’t put anyone in this place..!! .

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