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Published: 10 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Avalon Laser is a disappointment for hair removal, and I have no intention of going there for another treatment.

Their overpriced hair removal treatment is a negative experience for me.

They had sneaky ways to make me have more than one session for the hair removal treatment to look perfect and to feel perfect from these sessions. I didn’t agree with more than one package.

Each package costs $800 each and out of my range of expenses.  They talk easily and friendly to customers to have more than one session and to purchase expensive products.

I couldn’t take that from Avalon Laser and the team. I expected one session to have hair removal treatment and to have a professional session in complete hair removal.

This didn’t happen for me and I felt disappointed in dealing with a dishonest medical team.

They want to satisfy a customer’s need but want the customer to invest in more sessions and with no better results from these sessions.

I don’t believe these sessions are helpful to customers.

As of what I have experienced their sessions aren’t helpful and have no effect on the skin.

I did not feel appreciated because of the bad attitude I received from the medical team when I refused to have more sessions of treatments and of the negative issues, I felt I had enough from the medical team at Avalon Laser. There’s no professionalism in asking customers to have more than one session to have better results from these treatments.

Everything based on receiving more money from customers is no fairness to the customer.

I received the worst treatment for hair removal and don’t wish to recommend Avalon Laser to other customers.

They don’t know how to follow up on these treatments and have no interest in what customers want for themselves from a treatment. I know more than I had before and won’t go there again. I didn’t feel comfortable during my treatment and all the hair on my face isn’t removed.

Laser hair removal isn’t the best treatment and professionals must perform this type of treatment to avoid burning the skin. Nobody bothered to inform me of the before and after treatment information and of how treatments affect the skin from the laser.

I didn’t feel secure at Avalon Laser and wish I hadn’t gone there.

Laser treatments if not performed by professionals burn the skin and all hair isn’t removed as in my experience at Avalon Laser. This is no place for you, and I know this from my terrible experience in laser hair removal.

I don’t trust a company such as this one for any treatment as advertised. Nothing in the advertisements is the same as I received from the company. Information isn’t true and you wonder why you didn’t get the same treatment.

People aren’t friendly and have no interest in pleasing a customer with the best laser hair removal treatments. It isn’t worthy of you to visit Avalon Laser for any of their overpriced packages.

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