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Published: 18 February 2018

Posted by: indy

As my family and I returned home from an outing, I noticed that there were two vehicles parked in a “future residents” section. I noticed that the large dodge ram 2500 that was there, had been parked there often for the last month. I thought that maybe they were getting rid of those spots, and opening them up to residents. So I parked there. When we entered the building, we were immediately confronted by a “gentleman” who told me I couldn”t park there. (not asking if he could help…he had no clue who we were, and his arrogance was not appreciated) I asked him, “well, that truck has been there for the last month, and…” he wouldn”t let me finish, interrupting me with “you can”t park there” I then asked him who was parked there. He said it was him, a unit manager. Unit manager?? “I thought it was for future tenants?” I asked. In which he said he was…ya, ok bud. Maybe this guy should be concerned about managing units, not being parking enforcement. It”s bad enough our hallways are a mess, our lobbies have drywall missing and insulation hanging out, I really don”t think the tenants need an arrogant jerk like that. Ever since Avalon took over, it”s been a nightmare trying to get any help around the units. I have mould in my apartment, that has been there for months. I have contained it, but am still waiting for proper people to remove it. Very professional, eh?

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