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Published: 28 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My computer was running slow so I purchased a “Grimefighter” program from Avast. Once I got the program, it would not open. On 11/6/14 I contacted their support division. Once I described my problem, the technician said that I probably could not open the program because there was a problem with my computer. He told me that I could get my computer totally “cleaned” by an Avast technician. The cost was $179.99 per year and was guaranteed. Since I thought that Avast was an legitimate company, I went ahead and ordered the service. The technician was on my computer for over 2 hours. Upon completion, the tech told me that he had removed all the harmful items on my computer. I was away for a couple of days and when I started up the computer, I had a problem booting it up (this problem was not there before). Once I got the computer up and running, I found that it was just as slow as before. Not only that, but the original program that I called about had disappeared. I don’t know what the tech was doing for 2 hours, but my computer is worse than before I had them “clean” it. I have been e-mailing with Avast since 11/10/14 and explaining my problem. I finally received an e-mail today, 11/18/14, stating that they would return my $19.99 for the Grimefighter that had disappeared from my computer. However, there was no mention about the Avast total support that cost $179.99. I called the number that the tech gave me to check on the status. The woman I spoke to said that she had no information about my problem. She went on to say that she was the only one that could refund my money, which I was never told by the technician. She went on to say that she could not give me a refund because 1) The charge was on my account 2) The technician said that everything was fixed and 3) They do not offer any guarantees. I tried to speak with a supervisor but was told that she is the only one I could speak with. Just because the technician said that everything was fine, does not make it true. The technician I originally spoke with did say that it was guaranteed. Finally just because it is on my account does not mean that everything is fine. This company is awful. Not only do they not perform the service they promise, but then they do not even honor their guarantee. I have reported this incident to the BBB and hope they can help. Eileen E. Stroudsburg, PA

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