Avenue plus size womans clothing

Avenue plus size womans clothing

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Published: 15 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Its true, Avenue has to be the worst place to work in regards to the way they treat employees. They pay the least that the law allows as many do these days but its more than that. Someone already mentioned it in a previous report about the LP Intarigations and i agree there is no tact or really intelligence in the way they go about their business. in fact some of it boarders harassment asking the same question over and over again like i am in trouble . literslly asking for us to tell on other employees that we know are not stealing but still demanding a name of one anyway. Avenue claims: The most important factor in the success of Avenue is our Associates. We continuously strive to create a culture in which our Associates can attain professional fulfillment in an environment which is challenging and which promotes excellence and achievement. Farthest thing from the truth . they do nothing for employees. IF they actually make bonus they reward the managers with a 400 -800 bonus and give nothing to the associates who bust their behinds to make that happen. But they dont tell you that part because how would anyone feel knowing one person got a bonus. Plus if an associate gets a super sale anything over $500 there is no commision for them. they recieve a “heart” and if a sale is over $1000 they gets 2 hearts . associate with the most hearts gets a coffee cup . Basically you get nothing NOTHING for making them money. Horrible benefits I MEAN HORRIBLE. and work enviornment HA! you cant even have a drink of water. the back supply room is a make shift break area that is not aplace where you can recharge or be comfortable. a metal folding chair. On a side note the CEO is a germ a phobe. so she doesnt shake hands and when the moment comes up upon extending a hand shake she doesnt use manners to explain either. She rudely literally turns her head up like shes just been insulted by the gesture. the only one unworthy of the handshake is her. Humble is a word unknown to her. She encompases everything wrong with that company. greed and NO compassion for the people who give there all for them. FYI store mangers make 13.00 bucks an hour THATS IT 13 STORE MANAGER. aAll i can say is that i hope the employee roll over rate keeps up like it is cause it costs them money every time they have to re hire and fire and pay overtime because of employees quiting which happpens all the time . Morons

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